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Pan's Labyrinth

CastIvana Baquero, Sergi López , Maribel Verdú, Doug Jones, Ariadna Gil, Álex Angulo, Manolo Solo, Cesar Bea, Roger Casamajor
Year released2006
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Narrator: "A long time ago... there lived a princess who dreamt of the human world. She dreamt of blue skies, soft breeze and sunshine... the bright sun blinded her and erased her memory. She forgot who she was and where she came from..." (0:01)

Young Ofelia tells housekeeper Mercedes, "My father was a tailor. He died in the war." (0:09)

Captain Vidal tells the others, "Food, medicine... we’ll store it all." (0:09)

Dr. Ferreiro tells Ofelia’s mother Carmen, "This will help you sleep through the night." (0:10)

Vidal strikes a man repeatedly in the face. (0:17)

A soldier tells Vidal, "Everything is here... medicine..."
Vidal: ”This is real tobacco.” (0:30)

Carmen answers a guest, referring to Ofelia’s father: "... after he died, I went to work..." (0:41)

Carmen tells Ofelia, "Sometimes I think you’ll never learn to behave." (0:43)

The Faun tells Ofelia, "Be patient." (0:45)

Ferreiro tells Vidal, referring to Carmen, "She’ll have to be sedated most of the time." (0:48)

Mercedes tells Ofelia, "Don’t worry." (0:49)

Ferreiro tells Mercedes, "This is sheer madness." (0:51)

The Faun tells Ofelia, "This is mandrake root, a plant that dreamt of being human..." (0:52)

A rebel stutters.
Another rebel: ”Franco, you stuttering idiot.” (0:54)

Ferreiro tells Mercedes’ brother Pedro, "You need food, medicine..."
Mercedes tells Pedro, ”I’m a coward.” (1:03)

Ferreiro tells Carmen, "Here, half the dose." (1:13)

Vidal, referring to the rebel, "Damn, Garcés, we catch one and he turns out to be a stutterer."
Vidal strikes him in the head with a hammer. (1:14)

Ferreiro injects the arm of the stuttering rebel.
Ferreiro tells him, ”It'll take away the pain.” (1:20)

Lieutenant Serrano asks Lieutenant Garcés, "Who else, you imbecile?" (1:21)

Ofelia hears a man tells Vidal, "Your wife is dead." (1:25)

Burial of Carmen (1:26)

Vidal tells Mercedes, "The stutterer spoke of an informer..." (1:27)

Mercedes tells Ofelia, "Don’t worry." (1:30)

Vidal tells Mercedes, "You’ve found my weakness: pride..." (1:32)

Garcés tells Mercedes, "Don’t be a fool, sweetheart." (1:35)

Ofelia laces Vidal’s drink with the hypnotic. (1:41)

Mercedes reacts to Ofelia’s death. (1:51)

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