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Papadopoulos & Sons

Stephen Dillane, Georgia Groome, Ed Stoppard, Selina Cadell, Frank Dillane, George Savvides, Georgina Leonidas, Georges Corraface, Carl Rice, Richard Durden
crack cocaine
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James stutters. (0:07)

Television reporter George: “Panic, confusion and chaos.”
Entrepreneur Harry tells finance director Nicholas by telephone, “It’s insane.” (0:11)

Nicholas: “Harry, you took out crazy loans.”
Harry: “Ah, therapy.” (0:12)

Harry’s brother Spiros: “Insane! Insane!”
”I don't drink anymore... but you don’t have to be drunk to dance... You don't have to be drunk to dance.” (0:20)

Spiros tells the others about “A crazy sleep.”
Harry: “You're still crazy.”
”Don’t panic.”
”You're out of your mind.” (0:24)

Harry tells nanny Mrs. Parrington, “He'll drive us all mad and leave us broke.” (0:27)

Spiros tells the others, “We're gonna have a crazy time.” (0:29)

Harry’s daughter Katie: “It’s a crack den.” (0:31)

Harry places flowers at the grave of his wife Elizabeth. (0:38)

Accountant Rob tells accountant Sophie, “Society’s so work obsessed.” (0:40)

Another Greek friend tells Uncle Panikos, referring to Harry, “He’s had some sort of breakdown.” (0:49)

James stutters. (0:54, 0:57, 1:00)

Spiros and Harry tell James about the loss of their family in a fire. (0:54)

Harry tells James, “Your stammer's getting better.” (0:58)

Harry tells Spiros, “And then drunk at Elizabeth’s funeral.”
“I always had a way back with Elizabeth... She was our world.” (1:07)

Harry tells Sophie, “It’s a crazy, crazy world... It’s insane, insane.” (1:28)

Spiros dies in Harry's arms. (1:30)