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Michael Keaton, Glenn Close, Robert Duvall, Marisa Tomei
fluoxetine | Prozac
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Newspaper editor Henry asks his wife Martha, “You’re not going to go nuts again now are you?” (0:05)

Newspaper worker Janet asks Henry "Are you completey psychotic?” (0:07)

Henry tells publisher Bernie, “They found him drunker than a skunk in his neighborhood bar.” (0:18)

Her friend Susan tells Martha, “You have no time to get depressed.” (0:28)

Martha tells Henry he must take the new job, “Because at least you'll be around to fill my Prozac prescriptions. I will need to be medicated, heavily.” (0:37)

Bernie tells his daughter Deanne, “You sound like you just walked out of your shrink’s office.” (0:53)