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Steve McQueen, Dustin Hoffman, Victor Jory, Don Gordon, Anthony Zerbe, Robert Deman, Woodrow Parfrey, Bill Mumy
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A woman tells prisoner Henri “Papillon” Charrière, "Don’t worry." (0:03)

Prisoner Julot tells Papillon, "He doesn’t have any ether, so he knocks me out with rum." (0:06)

Counterfeiter Louis Dega tells Papillon, "Your instincts were sound." (0:09)

Papillon: "You’re crazy, Julot." (0:19)

An old prisoner tells Degas, "Very intelligent man." (0:25)

Prisoner Clusiot tells Dega and Papillon, referring to another prisoner, "He jammed a piece of wood down his throat and choked himself to death." (0:35)

The warden tells Papillon, "Darkness does wonders for a bad memory." (0:56)

Dega tells Clusiot, "You get delirious." (1:00)

A trapper tells Maturette, Dega and Papillon, "I did too at the time, but I was drunk." (1:37)

Dega tells Papillon, "I’m already so drunk I can’t think." (1:46)