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Megumi Hayashibara, Toru Emori, Katsunosuke Hori
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Cross Waking Life with Spirited Away, and add the ability to walk back an forth through the screen in the movie theater as in The Purple Rose of Cairo.

Sprite Paprika and detective Konakawa watch his dream displayed on a laptop computer. (0:04)

Psychiatrist Dr. Chiba tells "Chief" psychiatrist Dr. Shima, "REM sleep that occurs later during the sleep cycle is longer and easier to analyze." (0:04)

Paprika tells Konakawa, "Your anxiety neurosis... the treatment's just getting started." (0:05)

The three psychiatrists enter a building where the sign reads "Foundation for Psychiatric Research." Chiba tells Shima and psychiatrist Dr. Tokita, "It means that the person who stole the DC Mini can connect to a psychotherapy machine at any time, from any place and use it to intrude into the minds connected to that machine." (0:09)

Finding Chairman psychiatrist Dr. Inui in Shima's office they discuss the DC Mini. Shima tells Inui, "The DC Mini represents the hope that shines on the new horizons of psychiatric treatment."
Chiba: "We are simply pursuing a deeper connection with our patients." (0:10)

Shima crashes through a window, falling to the ground below. (0:13)

In Shima's hospital room Chiba tells Shima, "That was a dream of a severely delusional patient."
Shima: "You haven't changed since the time you treated my depression two years ago." (0:22)

In a restaurant booth Paprika tell Konakawa, comparing the Internet to dreams, "They are both areas where the repressed conscious mind vents." (0:25)

At an abandoned theme park, after Himura falls, narrowly missing Chiba, surgeons discuss the case in the operating room: "Kei Himura... tried to commit suicide." (0:30)

Seeing that he has shot and killed his double, Konakawa asks, "I killed myself?" (0:41)

Paprika asks Konakawa, "Have you solved the mystery of why you killed yourself?"
Konakawa: "I've never thought of suicide." (0:44)

Tokita tells Paprika: "The ecstasy that blooms in synapse is Paprika-brand milk fat!" (0:45)

In the lab Chiba and Shima watch a dream on the computer screen. Shima tells Chiba , "They're not dreaming. But they're in REM sleep." (0:46)

In a car Chiba, referring to Himura, tells Shima: "He was invaded by a collective dream... Every dream it came in contact with was eaten up into one huge delusion." (Jungians may appreciate this suggestion of collective unconscious)
Shima: "And that delusion belongs to..." (0:52)

Chiba tells Shima, "... but that mastermind is lost in his own delusion." (1:10)

Infant Paprika swallows Chairman psychiatrist Dr. Inui. (1:21)

Konakawa talks to a vision of the deceased childhood friend who collaborated with him to make movies. (1:24)