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Parasite (2019)

Kang-ho Song, Seon-gyun Lee, Yeo-jeong Cho, Choi Woo-shik, Park So-dam, Jeong-eun Lee, Jang Hye-jin
Basquiat | cocaine | methamphetamine
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Ki-woo, referring to a gift brought to the family by his friend Min-hyuk, "This is so metaphorical." (0:07)

Min tells Ki-woo, "When it comes to English, you can teach 10 times better than those drunken college pricks."
”Don't worry, you'll have my recommendation...” (0:10)

Ki-woo (Kevin) tells Yeon-gyo, referring to her son Da-song, ”He's got a fanboy personality.”
Yeon-gyo: "Well, he's eccentric and easily distracted. He can barely sit still." (0:18)

Ki-woo tells Yeon-gyo, referring to a painting by Da-song, "It's so metaphorical." (0:19)

Yeon-gyo tells Ki-woo’s sister Ki-jeong (Jessica), referring to Da-song, "... he has a Basquiat-esque sense, even at age 9!" (0:21)

Ki-jeong tells Yeon-gyo, "Madam, I told you I study art psychology and art therapy?"
”The lower-right region of a painting is called the ‘schizophrenia zone’. Psychotic symptoms often reveal themselves there.”
”... this is not simple tutoring, it's art therapy, right?” (0:27)

Ki-woo: "Wow, this is so metaphorical." (0:31)

Ki-woo tells his father Ki-taek Kim, referring to Yeon-gyo, "She was freaking out, saying she was so moved she put her in shock."
Ki-jeong: ”I Googled ‘art therapy,’ and ad-libbed the rest... Crazy b****...” (0:31)

Yeon-gyo tells her husband Dong-ik Park, referring to their chauffeur Yoon, "He must be a pervert."
”Oh my, meth or cocaine.” (0:32)

Dong-ik tells Ki-taek, "This isn't any sort of test, so don't be nervous." (0:38)

By telephone, the Park family housekeeper Moon-gwang tells someone, "Usually when I get symptoms like this, I run to my room and take my medicine..." (0:40)

Ki-taek rehearses, referring to Moon-gwang: "She said she got diagnosed with active TB..." (0:42)

Ki-taek tells Yeon-gyo, "Don't worry, madam."
Yeon-Gyo: ”Don't you worry.” (0:44)

Dong-ik asks, "Why such a craving for braised ribs today?" (0:46)

Ki-taek asks the rest of his family, "Anyway, aren't we fortunate to be worrying about things like this?"
Ki-jeong: ”Worry about us, okay?”
Ki-taek: ”Getting drunk in the living room.” (0:52)

Moon-gwang: "Don't worry, Chung-sook."
Ki-taek: ”Lady, are you crazy? If they see that video, Mr. Park and his wife will be so shocked.” (1:07)

Moon-gwang calls the Kim family, "You cretins." (1:13)

Yeon-geo tells Chung-sook, referring to Da-song, "He's receiving trauma therapy and art therapy." (1:20)

Yeon-gyo tells Chug-sook, referring to Da-song, "He's gone crazy." (1:25)

Dong-ik tells Yeon-gyo, "Don’t worry."
Yeon-gyo: ”Then buy me drugs. Buy me drugs.” (1:28)

Moon-gwang tells her husband Geun-Sae, "Honey, I've got a concussion." (1:36)

By telephone, Yeon-gyo tells a friend, "Will get drunk in the daytime." (1:44)

Yeon-gyo tells Jessica, "This is... Da-song’s trauma recovery cake..." (1:49)

Da-song faints when he sees his teacher Geun-sae stab Jessica. (1:53)

Inappropriate laughter (1:56)

Ki-woo and Chug-sook grieve the death of Ki-jeong. (1:57)

Ki-woo reads a communication from Ki-taek: "... thinking of Ki-jeong makes me cry..." (2:01)