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Paris When It Sizzles

William Holden, Audrey Hepburn, Gregoire Aslan, Raymond Bussières, Christian Duvaleix, Noel Coward
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Movie producer Alexander dictates to his secretary, referring to screenwriter Richard, "Richard assures me that for all practical purposes he's on the wagon." (0:02)

Richard describes the end of his movie to typist Gabrielle, "And as the audience drools with sublimated sexual pleasure, ..." (0:10)

Richard describes character Maurice to Gabrielle: "With the almost lunatic narcissism peculiar to his curious calling, Maurice rather preciously mounts his motorscooter." (0:22)

Richard tells Gabrielle, "Now you can feel the unconscious attraction between the two."
Gabrielle: "He has been plying her with martinis, wine, brandy... for only one reason: To make her drunk." (0:42)

Richard tells Gabrielle the character was "Plying her with all that booze, making her drunk." (0:49)

Maurice Tells police inspector Gilet how he played his role, "Indicating... the deep, almost lunatic narcissism, the lack of personal daintiness, the appalling grammar." (1:03)

Alexander describes to Richard his plan for his "swan song": "to hurl myself from the top of this grotesque edifice" (1:27)

Second policeman Philippe: "I've worked the whole thing out with my analyst. I don't really hate inspector Gilet. I just feel sorry for him. He insists on projecting himself into the starring role and relegating me to some minor character." (1:30)