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Party Girl

Parker Posey, Anthony DeSando, Guillermo Díaz
Ida Bauer | Sigmund Freud
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Brief shots of cross-dressed men waiting to party. (0:00)

Party girl Mary taking a hit from a joint. (0:01)

After she makes a mistake ordering book numbers in the library her boss, Judy, says, "Mary's a bit dyslexic." (0:16)

Mary tells her gay friend Derrick, "The two of you were on ecstasy. It turns out in your spinal fluid." (0:20)

Judy tells Mary, "For your information Freud's study of Dora is not a biography. It is the cornerstone of his psychoanalysis. That's psychology dear. The psychology section is for your information in the 100s along with philosophy and logic." Shot of the title page "The Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud." (0:29)

Mary lights a joint. (0:33)

Recovering alcoholic and club owner René is on her way to an AA meeting at the library when she encounters Mary there. "I connect with that meeting... I was so close to a slip." They walk to the door of the meeting room together. René tells Mary, "Running into you like this, it was like my higher power was watching. Hi everyone. I'm Renée, and I'm a god damn alcoholic." Mary coughs and has to leave because of the cigarette smoke. (0:50)