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Party Monster

CastSeth Green, Macaulay Culkin, Diana Scarwid, Chloë Sevigny, Marilyn Manson, Dylan McDermott, Mia Kirshner, Wilmer Valderrama, Daniel Franzese, Natasha Lyonne, Justin Hagan, Wilson Cruz, Manny Perez, John Stamos
Year released2003
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Blog entry

James St. James: "Michael Alig's blood feast party." (0:01)

Michael lights a crack pipe.
James: "You've gone too far with the drugs."
"Come with me now on the last night of my life, the night of my overdose." (0:01)

James: "But now I think I might have writer's block." (0:03)

Michael asks James, "Anyone missing? Like a drug dealer..."
James snorts through straw, then says, "How I hate heroin."
Michael: "Typical drug addict..." (0:03)

James offers a drug to Michael.
Michael: "I don't do drugs."
James snorts a drug, probably crack, from a small vial.
Michael: "My mother says drugs are for losers."
James: "Ketamine hydrochoride, aka special K, ... animal tranquilizer. When taken by humans it works as a dissociative... drug... n methyl asparate [sic]."
Michael "Rocky Horror Picture Show."
James: "Never take heroin. (0:09)

Cross-dressing depicted throughout. (0:20, 0:21 (James), 0:29, 0:31 (Michael), 0:44, 0:46, 0:53, 1:16)

Michael's D.J. friend Keoki snorts a line of cocaine. (0:23)

James snorts a line.
Michael: "You... drug addict losers."
James: "I'm not addicted to drugs. I'm addicted to glamour." (0:25)

Reporter Samantha: "And they take ecstasy, a drug known to cause brain damage." (0:28)

Michael: "Oh everyone this is Freez. .. now he's a drug dealer."
Michael calls Keoki a "... junkie."
Freez tells James: "Drugs are just a sideline." (0:31)

Michael tells Keoki "... just did all your cocaine... doing drugs..."
Keoki "So now we have two drug addicts in the family."
Michael: "If you walk out that door I'm gonna kill myself." (0:33)

James tells Michael, "These suicide attempts have got to stop."
Michael: "Can you put some ecstasy in mine?"
James: "Since when are you into drugs?"
Michael: "Ecstasy isn't a drug... medication for my rapid cycling bipolar disorder." (0:34)

James: "Lightly toasted animal tranqulizer..."
James: "Why not create a... drug dealer... drugs..."
"such an addict"
James snorts.
Michael: "Give me my K."
"Give me my... K." (0:41)

Michael: "Christina's dead." (0:44)

Michael tells the talk show host, referring to Angel: "He's a drug dealer."
Michael, referring to James: "The original drug child."
The host asks Michael's mother: "Is it true ma'am that your son... turned you on to the pill ecstasy?" (0:47)

James tells Michael's mother, referring to Michael, "It's just heroin withdrawal."
Michael's mother: "You feed my child drugs." (0:51)

Club owner Peter tells Michael, "Your drug use is becoming indiscriminate."
Michael: "I won't do crack without heroin."
Michael: "You're just paranoid." (0:52)

Brooke grinds pills in a mortar and pestle. She says, "Just wait 'til you try my drug salad."
Angel supplies pills. Brooke pours powder from mortar to mirror.
James: "In the twinkle of an eye they're homeless crack addicts."
Michael: "Don't listen to James. He's suffering from dementia."
Brooke: "Dementia? I know her. She's a drag queen." (0:53)

Peter's wife Natasha tells Michael "... you will check yourself into rehab."
Peter: "If you get yourself into rehab..." (0:58)

Peter looks for "bugs, bugs." He rubs powder on his gums from a mirror. A girl smokes a crack pipe. Angel drops packets of drugs on a tray for Michael and his friend Gitsie. Michael snorts then lights a crack pipe. (0:59)

Michael tells Gitsie and James, "We'll... give out prescriptions for free drugs."
Gitsie: "Can I be a mental patient?" (1:03)

Partiers in doctor and nurse costumes pass out drugs. (1:04)

Paraphernalia. (1:08)

Michael: "That's not a crack hole... Rat's on crack attack." He tells Angel, "We did all your drugs, and we need some more."
Angel: "All the ... drugs you've done for free." (1:10)

Keoki tells Michael, "I'm taking you to rehab now." (1:13)

Michael congratulates James for "your first overdose."
Michael: "You're delirious."
James: "Okay Mr. psycho killer." (1:16)

Michael snorts heroin. He says, "I did so much heroin that day I hoped it would kill me." (1:18)

Michael: "We're going to rehab."
Gitsie: "No drugs." (1:20)

Police interrogate Michael: "What about the drugs...?" (1:24)

James snorts. (1:24)

James snorts with a straw. He hallucinates a giant rat that talks to him. (1:27)

Michael tells James on the phone referring to prison, "I can get all the drugs and sex I want."
James: "Gitsie's dead, an overdose."
"Cured my writer's block." (1:32)

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