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Gena Rowlands, Tony Shalhoub, Cheech Marin, Bruce Davison, Jay Mohr, Trini Alvarado, Buddy Hackett, Hallie Kate Eisenberg
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Janitor Misha hears parrot Paulie talking. Hallucination? (0:04)

Misha tells Paulie, “So I’m not crazy.” (0:12)

Young Marie stutters. (0:13)

Paulie tells Misha, "I was afraid of heights." (and the cat). (0:22)

Artist Ivy tells Paulie, referring to her deceased husband Earl, "He had even crazier ideas than you had." (0:33)

Ivy dies.
Paulie: "And then one day the cat got her." (0:40)

Other parrots mimic when Mariachi leader Ignacio says, "Taco" (0:46)

Parrot Ruby repeats Paulie's words. (0:48)

Crook Benny tells police by telephone, "There's gotta be about a thousand maniac people running around." (0:55)

Benny's girlfriend Ruby tells Benny and Paulie, "Excuse me, I don't mean to interrupt your little testosterone festival here..." (1:00)