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Paulo Coelho's Best Story

Júlio Andrade, Ravel Andrade, Fabiana Gugli, Luci Ferreira, Enrique Diaz, Fabiula Nascimento, Letícia Colin, Luis Carlos Miéle, Guti Fraga, Rebecca Orenstein, Theresa Amayo, Nancho Novo, Paz Vega
marijuana | lysergic acid diethylamide
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Young Paulo turns on gas, apparently intending to kill himself. (0:02)

A doctor reads an apparent suicide note. He asks Paulo, “Is that why you tried to kill yourself?... Homosexuality.”
Aids take Paulo into a locked psychiatric ward. (0:05)

A nurse tells Paulo, “Take your medication.” (0:10)

A record company executive Paulo tells his wife Christina, “I can’t write anything.” (0:24)

Paulo’s father Pedro asks Paulo’s mother Lygia, “Are you crazy?” (0:25)

Paulo tells artist Christina, “You’re crazy.” (0:27)

Doctor: “It’s a new treatment. An assistant applies electrodes to restrained Paulo’s head to administer electroconvulsive therapy. (0:50)

Lygia tells a detective, referring to Paulo, “He’s currently undergoing treatment.”
Pedro: “My son is a good person, but he suffers from a certain degree of schizophrenia and paranoia.” (0:54)

Paulo and his girlfriend roll and smoke a joint and use a drug on a blotter. LSD?” (0:57)

HIs musician friend Raul asks Paulo, “Are you crazy?” (1:18)

An interrogator tells Paulo, “Shut up you idiot.”
”I’m crazy, sir... ‘Crazy, lunatic!’ I was in a mental institution, sir.”
”I had shock treatment.”
”Shock treatment?”
Interrogator: “Do you like shock treatment?”
”Shock treatment isn’t torture.”
Paulo: “Shock treatment is just great.”
Interrogator: “He’s a total lunatic.”
”Get out of here you crazy asshole.” (1:26)

Man on television: “This magical phenomenon... in this whole thing that is emerging with the movie The Exorcist.” (1:29)