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Pay It Forward

Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt, Haley Joel Osment, Jay Mohr, Jim Caviezel, Jon Bon Jovi, Angie Dickinson, David Ramsey, Shawn Pyfrom
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Reporter Chris asks a cop, “Is this domestic or drugs?” (0:01)

Chris tells a stranger, “You think I’m going near that thing, you’re nuts.” (0:04)

Student: “Crazy.”
Social studies teacher Eugene: “Crazy.” (0:10)

Seventh grader Trevor’s waitress mom Arlene drinks vodka hidden in her washing machine. Trevor disposes of the bottle. (0:20)

Chris tells the stranger, “No, that would make me a moron.”
”You’ve gone dotty.” (0:26)

Arlene sees homeless Jerry’s track marks. (0:31)

Jerry’s room turned shooting gallery. (0:38)

Bonnie tells Arlene, referring to herself, “You don’t call your sponsor once in a while, you don’t have a sponsor.” (0:45)

Trevor tells Arlene, “You only like people you can get drunk with.” (0:47)

Arlene tells Eugene, “I would have called one of my friends, but my friends are all drunks.”
”And so am I. I’m a drunk too.”
Eugene: “I believe some people refer to that as ‘in recovery.’” (0:50)

Chris tells inmate Sidney, “People are staying clean.” (0:55)

Chris: “No, I’m not stalking the governor, Gordy.” (0:59)

Sidney lights and tokes a joint in Arlene’s mother Grace’s car. Grace: “I paid it forward for a hophead son of a bitch.” (1:05)

Jerry stops a woman from jumping off a bridge. He tells her, “You know, a minute ago all I could think about was getting my next fix...” (1:24)

Trevor’s father Ricky tells Arlene, “I knew I couldn't come back to this house unless I was sober.”
”Are you sober?”
Arlene: “Yeah, I got sober staying right here.” (1:27)

Arlene tells Eugene, “He's sober now. We've never been sober together.”
Eugene: “Unless knocking somebody around is a new family value.”
Arlene: “Ricky never meant to hit me. We were drunk.”
Eugene, referring to his father, “He was there, drunk as usual.” (1:29)

Arlene tells Grace, “Not drunk. You've got to be sober even if it's just for two hours.” (1:45)

Arlene is overcome with grief when she learns that Trevor has died. (1:53)