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Peace, Love & Misunderstanding

ane Fonda, Catherine Keener, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chace Crawford, Elizabeth Olsen, Nat Wolff, Marissa O'Donnell, Rosanna Arquette, Kyle MacLachlan, Katharine McPhee
Janis Joplin | Ronald Reagan | ethyl alcohol | heroin | marijuana | Jimi Hendrix
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Lawyer Diane asks her husband Mark, “Did you know I had to get three more bottles of wine today on account of Richard’s new wife’s aversion to California Chardonnay?” (0:00)

Her son Jake asks Diane, “Did Grandma O.D.?” (0:03)

Her mother Grace tells Diane, “You’be been through something traumatic.” (0:07)

Jake tells his sister Zoe, “Actually, it was for an erectile dysfunction drug.” (0:08)

Grace tells Diane, “That must drive the Virgo in you absolutely mad.”
”Oh, I don’t sell pot anymore.”
”You gonna call the DEA next time?” (0:08)

Zoe tells Jake they protest “War, idiot.” (0:09)

Zoe tells Jake, “Weed.”
Jake: “Grandma’s smokin’ the ganja?”
Grace tells Jake, “There might be drugs.” (0:15)

I woman takes a hit from a roach in a clip. Others smoke joints and various kinds of pipes. (0:16)

Zoe asks Jake, “Shouldn’t you be stalking some unsuspecting local girl?” (0:19)

Diane sees books on Grace’s shelves: The Cannabis Grow Bible
Marijuana Grower’s Handbook (0:24)

Grace tells her furniture craftsman friend Jude, "And then Hendrix comes on stage and starts to play..."
“You’re usually more intuitive.” (0:25)

Grace tells Zoe and Jake, “People went crazy!” (0:29)

Grace shows Zoe and Jake the basement marijuana grow room. Zoe: “Mom would freak if she saw this.”
Jake: “Can you smoke it like this?”
Zoe: “You’re an idiot.” (0:30)

Grace smokes a hookah. (0:30)

Zoe tells Jake, “Hide the weed, you idiot.”
”I am so stoned.” (0:32)

Grace tells Jake, “You know, it’s okay to toke a little hay from time to time. You stay away from the brown stuff. That’s what took down Janis and Jimi. Nothing with needles. Nothing up the nose.” (0:33)

Zoe: “Did the patron saint of uptight just tell me to calm down?” (0:33)

Zoe tells Grace, “Well, if you mean writer’s block, then yeah.” (0:34)

Grace smokes a bong then shares it with others. Grace tokes from a roach clip. (0:58)

Zoe asks her butcher friend Cole, “Wouldn’t you rather smoke a joint?”

”Why cigarettes but not pot?” (1:04)

Grace tells Diane, “You had your alcohol. Why shouldn’t I have my grass?”
Diane: ”You sold pot to my friends at my reception, mother.”
”Well, some people like a safer form of inebriation, and you had me arrested for it.”
Grace: “And for what, because I was selling grass to your wedding guests?” (1:09)

A police officer tells Grace, “Nobody’s gonna believe that an ounce and a half’s for personal use.”
Diane tells Grace, “You said you weren’t dealing anymore.”
Grace: “Maybe 20 years of banishment is enough.” (1:14)

Diane tells Jude, “I promised myself I would never enable her again...” (1:15)

Grace holds Diane’s book An American Life by Ronald Reagan.
Diane: “Alright, we’ll stick him next to the cannabis grower’s bible.” (1:26)