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Peep World

Lewis Black, Ron Rifkin, Rainn Wilson, Taraji P. Henson, Sarah Silverman, Stephen Tobolowsky, Nicholas Hormann, Lesley Ann Warren, Judy Greer, Michael C. Hall, Kate Mara, Ben Schwartz
Amy Winehouse | Ernest Hemingway
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Author/architect Nate tells his sister, "You're a... version of Amy Winehouse." (0:01)

Scribbled in book: "INSANITY", "CRAZY"  (0:01)

Architect Jack's wife Laura, in her sleep: "Pervert." (0:02)

Narrator, referring to Joel: "Every family has... a recovering addict..." (0:02)

Nate tells his assistant, "That photo had a hypnotic effect on women." (0:07)

Nate, on television: "... dysfunctional family..." (0:08)

Narrator: "Despite being betrayed by Nathan in his book Peep World, Jack had an almost masochistic desire to open up to his youngest brother." (0:16)

Narrator: "Hemingway found his courage by running with the bulls."
Dr. Novak tells Nate, "Premature ejaculation is a common problem." (0:17)

Joel asks loan sharks Wizdom and his accomplice, "Are you crazy?"
"He'll have an open tab, so just go crazy." (0:22)

Novak asks nurse Salvador "What level dosage did you give him?" (0:27)

Bookstore man, referring to Peep World: "A brutally honest portrayal of a dysfunctional family on the brink of implosion." (0:28)

The sex shop manager tells Jack's wife Laura, "Get... out of here you crazy bitch." (0:39)

Jack tells Laura, "I'm an idiot." (0:45)

Nate tells Meg, "I look like an idiot." (0:47)

Nate tells Cheri, "You look like a... version of Amy Winehouse."
Their father Henry asks Joel, "Rehab?" (1:02)