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Peeping Tom

Nigel Davenport, Jack Watson, Michael Goodliffe, Maxine Audley, Carl Boehm, Brenda Bruce, Shirley Ann Field,Pamela Green, Esmond Knight, Miles Malleson, Anna Massey, Martin Miller, Bartlett Mullins, Columba Powell, Michael Powell, Moira Shearer
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Photographer Mark explains the home movie of him as a boy approaching his mother’s dead body, to his neighbor and tenant Helen, “I’m saying goodbye to my mother.”
“And this: Her funeral. And this: her burial.” (0:25)

Man on the telephone tells Don, “I’ve talked to him, and he’s crazy to do it.” (0:30)

Stand-in Vivian tells Mark, “I’m hysterical.”
”Oh, set the mood for me Mark.”
”A madman?” (0:41)

Helen reads from a book by Mark’s father, “I wish to express my gratitude to... the Belgravia Institute of Nervous Diseases and Mark Lewis, my son.” (0:48)

Actress faints when she’s sees the body of Vivian in a trunk. Director: “The silly bitch, she fainted in the wrong scene.” (0:55)

A film crewman asks, “Mark are you crazy?” (0:58)

Chief Insp. Gregg tells the others, “I don’t want to spoil anyone’s fun, but we do have a maniac on our hands...” (1:03)

Helen’s mother asks Mark, “Instinct’s a wonderful thing, isn’t it Mark?” (1:18)

Film crewman: “That sneezer geezer’s a psychiatrist.” (1:21)

An assistant director asks the psychiatrist if he can suggest something “I mean to help her, psychologically.” (1:23)

Mark tells psychiatrist Dr. Rosan, “I don’t remember what he called it, but it has something to do with what, what causes people to become peeping Toms.”
Rosan: “Scoptophilia, that would interest him.”Mark: “Scopto-”
Rosan: “-philia. The morbid urge to gaze.”
”A couple of years of analysis three times a week, an hour a time and soon it’s uprooted.” (1:23)

Rosan tells Gregg, “Oh, we had a little chat about scoptophilia.”
Voyeurism.” (1:25)

Model Milly asks Mark, “Have you gone completely crazy?” (1:29)

Mark kills himself. Helen faints beside him. (1:39)