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People Like Us (2012)

Chris Pine, Elizabeth Banks, Olivia Wilde, Michael Hall D'Addario, Philip Baker Hall, Mark Duplass, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jon Favreau
hydrocodone-acetaminophen | Vicodin | marijuana | morphine
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His boss Jim tells salesman Sam, “My son in rehab needs.” (0:04)

Sam tells his law school applicant girlfriend Hannah, “I need a horse tranquilizer.”
Hannah: “Your dad died.” (0:05)

Sam’s mother Lillian at memorial service for Sam’s father. (0:08)

Sam examines the prescription bottles in his father’s cabinet: “Morphine,” “?-rocodene,” “Vicodin,” “Medical Marijuana” (0:10) 

Bartender Frankie tells her young son Josh, “I invented acting out for attention, and congratulations, you’ve got to go to see a shrink now.”
”Yeah, well I can’t wait for your to tell your shrink about it.” (0:20)

Sam follows Frankie into a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous.
Speaker: “Now I’m a dumb, antagonistic drunk who fought this from day one. Surrender still sounds like losing to me, but I stuck around, and I’m sober.”
Frankie: “Hi. Frankie, alcoholic... I got a call from my sponsor.” (0:23)

Sam tells Frankie, “That was a really crazy share.”
Frankie: ”You need to learn to let go of your toiletries man. It’s the third step.” (0:27)

Sam tells Hannah, referring to his father and Frankie, “It’s $150,000 that he left in his shaving kit for some alcoholic love child.” (0:30)

Sign on door: “Amanda Goldstein, Psy.D.; Child & Adolescent Evaluation and Counseling” (0:33)

Josh asks Sam, “What step you on?”
”You know the steps?”
”... and now I have to go to kid therapy and play with blocks till I cry.” (0:38)

Sam lights a joint and listens to a relaxation training disk. (0:47)

Lillian tokes a joint.
Sam: “Oh Mom, I’m not that stoned. I will never be that stoned.” (0:49)

Frankie and Josh arrive late for a session with Dr. Goldstein. (0:53)

Speaker at AA Meeting: “When I first got sober I heard everyone tell alll the old-timers...”
Speaker 2: “Frankly, I think you’re all quite mad.” (0:54)

Frankie tells Sam, “Right before this I got fired by my kid’s therapist.” (0:55)

Frankie tells Sam, “I’m nuts.”
Sam: “That’s crazy.” (0:56)

Frankie tells Sam, “And the crazy thing is, you don’t ask...”
”My mom died a couple years ago.” (1:02)

Josh tells Sam, “Oh my God, people would be so confused.” (1:08)

Frankie asks Sam, “Why won’t you ever talk about your recovery?”
Sam: “The world does not need another AA sob story.” (1:11)

Sam tells Lillian, referring to Frankie, “She has a son, she’s an ex-addict, and we met at AA.” (1:15)

Sam asks Josh, “Will you tell Frankie that I’ll call her when I get there?”
You tell her, douche, I’m not your... secretary.” (1:18)

By telephone Frankie tells Sam, “I’m totally freaking out.” (1:20)

Sam tells Josh, “I meant that metaphorically of course.” (1:23)

Frankie tells Sam, “I’ve heard everything... relapses...” (1:24)

Lillian tells Sam, referring to Sam’s father Jerry and Frankie, “I made him choose, and he chose us.” (1:33)

Lillian tells Sam, “... and you lied about recovering.” (1:42)