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Pepe le Moko

Jean Gabin, Mireille Balin, Gabriel Gabrio, Line Noro, Lucas Gridoux, Gilbert Gil, Saturnin Fabre, Marcel Dalio, Charles Granval
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Gang boss Pepe, referring to Inspector Slimane: “Delusions of grandeur.” (0:19)

Régis tells Inspector Janvier, referring to Pepe, “He falls into your snare like a confused rabbit.” (0:21)

Gangster Carlos tells jewel expert Grandpa, “The ‘shenani-gangster’ isn’t who you think.”
”It’s a neologism.” (0:29)

Régis tells Pepe, “You’re so nervous.” (0:30)

Pepe’s bodyguard, referring to Pierrot, “If our friend and collaborator doesn’t come back soon, I’ll be very anxious.” (0:45)

His girlfriend Aïcha grieves the death of gangster Pierrot, as does Pepe. (0:53)

Slimane: “You have a heavy heart Pepe.”
”You’re not crazy.” (0:55)

Grandpa tells Pepe’s girlfriend Inès, referring to Pepe, “He’s mad.” (0:59)

Janvier tells Inspector Meunier, referring to Pepe, “He’s drunk.” (0:59)

Inès: “Pepe, you’re crazy.” (1:00)

Pepe tells Inès, “I’m an idiot.” (1:01)

Inès tells Pepe, “You’ve gone mad.” Pepe.”
”I’m mad, and it’s a great feeling.” (1:09)

Parisienne Gaby: “I must be crazy.” (1:13)

Pepe tells Tania, “There are days I could kill myself.” (1:17)

Pepe asks Ayrab fez guy informant “You got delusions of grandeur?”
”I'll refresh your memory.” (1:20)

Pepe stabs himself and dies while Inès grieves. (1:32)