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Jennifer Garner, John Gallagher Jr., John Ortiz, Method Man, Richard Cabral, Annie Ilonzeh, Juan Pablo Raba, Tyson Ritter, Pell James, Chris J. Johnson, Jeff Hephner, Eddie Shin, Erin Carufel, Johnny Ortiz, Ian Casselberry, Michael Adler, Charles Porter, Edwin Garcia
marijuana | lithium | risperidone | lorazepam
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Thugs share a joint. (0:14)

Riley North grieves the deaths of her husband and daughter. (0:16)

A doctor tells police detective Stan Carmichael,: “You don’t wake up from a medically induced coma like flipping on a light switch.”
Referring to Riley: “When her memory returned she... we had to restrain her, and she had to be sedated.”
Carmichael, referring to Riley’s husband Chris: “There were rumors he was involved in a plan to rob a drug dealer named Diego Garcia.” (0:18)

Drug kingpin Diego Garcia’s lawyer tells Riley, “The road to recovery has to begin somewhere.”
Lorazepam, lithium, risperidone? Antipsychotic.”
“Your memory’s a little hazy.” (0:24)

Defense attorney Henderson asks Riley on the witness stand, “And are you currently on any antipsychotic medications?”
”Lorazepam, lithium, risperidone.”
”... after a month in a coma and a mental breakdown and under the influence of antidepressant and antipsychotic medications.”
Judge Stevens: “Mrs. North, I am remanding you to a mental health treatment program.” (0:26)

A police officer tells Carmichael, referring to Riley, “She wouldn’t stop banging her head into the bars.”
Paramedic, answering Carmichael: ”County General; psych hold.” (0:29)

Carmichael and Moses visit the graves of Carly and Chris in a cemetery. (0:30)

Drug packing operation (0:40)

His subordinate Marvin tells Diego Garcia’s thug Cortez, referring to Riley, “Crazy, crazy, crazy. She’s... crazy, man.” (0:50)

One thug tells another, “You’re getting paranoid.” (1:04)

Carly’s friend’s mother Peg tells Riley, “You’re... crazy.” (1:11)

FBI agent Lisa Inman tells Carmichael, “You’d have to be insane to leave a vehicle in this neighborhood...” (1:40)

Garcia tells Riley, “You’re a crazy ass.” (1:29)

Grieving Riley visits the grave of Chris and Carly. (1:31)

Moses tells Riley, “You took down a massive drug operation.” (1:33)