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The Perfect Stranger (2011)

Colm Meaney, Ana Wagener, Carlos Santos, Natalia Rodríguez, Guiem Juaneda, Pascal Ulli, Kate Burdette, Xisco Segura, Santi Pons, Biel Durán
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Policeman tells policeman Amancio, “You’re an idiot.” (0:14)

The policeman tells Mark, “Drug trafficking.” (0:17)

Celia reads from a letter: “We hereby inform you that you have passed the psycho-technical tests...” (0:26)

Celia tells Mark, referring to Biel, “But I guess he’s really kind of a retard.” (0:41)

Klaus tells Mark, referring to Isabel, “Tell her that if she doesn’t come back I’ll commit suicide.” (0:45)

Mark falls, suffering a closed head injury. (0:59)

Celia tells Biel, referring to Mark, “He’s... pie-eyed.” (1:01)