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Perfect Strangers (1950)

Ginger Rogers, Dennis Morgan, Thelma Ritter, Margalo Gillmore, Anthony Ross
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One juror tells another juror, who works as a barber, referring to a client, "Makes him nervous." (0:24)

Juror Robert Fisher tells another juror, "This is supposed to be poker, not psychoanalysis."
Juror Hubley, referring to another juror: ”Mr. Brokaw is an idiot.” (0:38)

Reporter O’Hanlon tells another reporter, "The district attorney always spends the first 3 days proving that the defendant is absolutely sane, and the next 3 days proving he behaved like a raving maniac." (0:49)

District attorney Harper reads a letter from the defendant’s lover Eileen Marcher to the court: "You're so worried and troubled as it is." (0:50)

Juror Lyle Pettyjohn tells juror Terry, referring to the defendant and his wife, "He could have reached out and grabbed her by instinct."
Terry pretends to faint.
Juror Lena: ”She fainted.” (1:13)