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Bibi Andersson, Liv Ullmann, Margaretha Krook, Gunnar Björnstrand, Jorgen Lindstrom
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The doctor tells nurse Alma, referring to actress Elisabet who has stopped talking, “And it’s not a question of some hysterical reaction either.” (0:08)

Elisabet watches news footage of a Vietnamese monk’s self-immolation on television. (0:15)

Alma reads from a letter to Elisabet: “You’ve taught me... that we must see each other as two anxious children full of goodwill and the best of intentions...” (0:18)

The doctor asks Elisabet, “Commit suicide?... I understand that you’re not speaking or moving, that you’ve turned this apathy into a fantastic setup.” (0:20)

Narrator, referring to Elisabet: “Her crippling apathy at the hospital gives way... Sister Alma... tends to her patient with utmost care.” (0:22)

Alma reads to Elisabet from a book, “All the anxiety we carry within us... the painful insight into our earthly condition...” (0:23)

Alma tells Elisabet, “Karl-Henrik scolds me... for going around like I’m sleepwalking.” (0:24)

Elisabet seems to speak in a whisper. (0:36) 

Alma reads a letter written by Elisabet to the doctor referring to Alma: “I think she’s actually enjoying it here and that she’s very fond of me, perhaps even a bit smitten in a charming, subconscious way.” (0:42)

Alma tells Elisabet, “‘Alma’s gone crazy,’ you thought.” (0:52)

Alma tells Elisabet, “The doctor said you’re mentally healthy, but I wonder if your madness isn’t the worst kind.” (0:55)

Alma tells Elisabet, “I’m behaving like an idiot... Sheer exhibitionism.” (0:55)

Alma tells Elisabet’s husband Mr. Vogler, “Give me a sedative.” (1:06)