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Rory Kinnear, Maxine Peake, Neil Bell, Philip Jackson, Vincent Franklin, Karl Johnson, Tim McInnerny
King George III
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Esther tells young George, "Oh, come on, up you get, you daft barmpot!" (0:13)

Magistrate: "Margaret Micklethwaite, as for the misdemeanor of loose, idle and disorderly conduct, given the intoxicated and indecorous state in which you were discovered in you mistress’s cellar..."
Margaret: ”... I saw this ghost...”(0:19)

Nellie, referring to King George III, "He’s as mad as a March hare."
”That’s just plain daft.” (0:38)

Reform leader Mrs. Fildes: "We have reviewed for a considerable time past the apathy and frequent insult of our oppressed countrymen..." (1:07)

Nellie tells the others, "It’s daft." (1:12)

John Johnson: "We must punish our mad king..." (1:19)

Samuel Bamford tells Henry Hunt, "Now we have been instilling into t’lads the principles of cleanliness, sobriety, order..." (1:34)

Magistrate: "These people are in a good mood." (1:54)

Woman in crowd: "She’s fainted." (2:02)

His family finds bugler Joseph killed. (2:19)

Burial of Joseph in graveyard (2:26)