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John Travolta, Forest Whitaker, Robert Duvall, Kyra Sedgwick, Jeffrey DeMunn, Brent Spiner, Richard Kiley, David Gallagher, Tony Genaro, Sean O'Bryan, Michael Milhoan, Troy Evans, Bruce A. Young, Vyto Ruginis
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His friend Nate tells auto mechanic George, “No stress.” (0:09)

Doc Brunder tells George, “... it’s turmoil and confusion.” (0:09)

Nate, referring to George: “The man’s inebriated.”
George: ”I’m not drunk, Nate.” (0:12)

George tells Brunder, “I can’t sleep...” (0:18)

Dr. Bob Nierdof tests George. (1:05)

Brunder tells George his brain tumor “... explains the illusion of light.” (1:31)

Neurosurgeon Wellin tells Brunder, “Didn’t feel George Malley was competent to make the decision.” (1:38)

Banes: “God, doc’s really drunk tonight.” (1:40)

By mixing it into his pudding George gives orderly Cal an overdose of a drug that puts him to sleep. (1:42)

George dies in his woodworker girlfriend Lace’s arms. (1:53)

Lace cries with grief. (1:55)