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CastMeagan Holder, Leonardo Nam, Hana Mae Lee, Macy Gray
Year released2021
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Title: "ROBOPHOBIA" (0:03)

Dirk tells Johnny, "Look at me again like you did inside of there, and I’ll knock your... lights out..." 
Dirk and the others physically abuse Johnny. (0:04)

Johnny: "Crazy. It’s crazy." (0:09)

By telephone, Johnny tells an electronic voice, "It’s kind of depressing." (0:11)

Johnny tells Dirk, "When daddy gets lonely, he gets drunk. He must have hit you a little too hard inside of your head, huh?" 
Dirk: ”You my... shrink now?” (0:14)

Title: "OUTPOST 37" (0:20

Johnny restrained in a chair
Dr. Wright punches Johnny in the face. He tells Johnny, “... You look like somebody... same disrespect.”
Wright tells Jones, ”Our patient has had a very long day...” (0:21)

Wright tells Johnny, "... Target the receptors in the brain by a homemade cocktail..." (0:24)

Wright apples electric shock to restrained Sami through electrodes on her head.
Title: "VEHOPHOBIA" (0:25)

Sami tells Harry, "I’m just freaking out right now..." 
Harry: ”Get... away from me, you crazy... bitch.” (0:26)

Electric shock to Sami’s head while restrained. (0:36)

Title: "EPHEBIPHOBIA" (0:39)

By telephone, Emma tells her husband, "... I’m starting to think you’re having an affair." (0:39)

Blaire slaps her brother Isaac in the face.
Emma smashes a decorative object on Blaire’s head.
Emma strikes Blaire’s brother Grady on the head with a rolling pin.
Grady, referring to Isaace: ”Shit, Blaire, I think he’s dead.”
Emma slaps Grady in the face. (0:47)

Her mother tells Blaire, "I’m just freaking out." (0:50)

Johnny and Alma in restraints
Wright applies electric shocks to Alma’s head. (0:52)

Title: "HOPLOPHOBIA" (0:53)

Alma appears to experience a flashback. (0:57)

Television news appears to trigger a flashback for Alma.
Television reporter: "... Twenty-two pounds of heroin was seized along with a small amount of cocaine and marijuana..." 
The waitress tells Alma, ”You’re insane.” (1:00)

Title: "ATELOPHOBIA" (1:04)

Architect Renee Boucher takes pills from a prescription bottle. (1:06)

Renee’s employees appear unconscious. (1:11)

Renee cuts her face with a scalpel. 
McNerney regains consciousness. (1:14)

Wright restrains and applies electrodes to Johnny before shocking him. (1:17)

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