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Pickpocket (1959)

Martin LaSalle, Marika Green, Jean Pelegri, Dolly Scal, Pierre Leymarie, Kassagi, Pierre Étaix, Cesar Gattegno, Dominique Zardi, Sophie Saint-Just
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His friend Jacques tells pickpocket Michel, "You're mad." (0:17)

Michel, Jacques, and their friend Jeanne attend a memorial service for Michel's mother. Michel grieves. (0:27)

Michel tells the chief inspector, "Rather than use psychology, you could have made sure by having my room searched when I called on you." (0:54)

Michel asks Jeanne, "Are you all trying to drive me mad?"
"You accept a drunken father and a mother who walks out on you..." (0:57)

Jeanne tells Michelle, "I was mad." (1:04)

Is Michel a kleptomaniac or just a thief?