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The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945)

CastGeorge Sanders, Hurd Hatfield, Donna Reed, Angela Lansbury, Peter Lawford, Lowell Gilmore, Richard Fraser, Douglas Walton, Reginald Owen
Year released1945
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Gentleman Dorian writes to his singer lover Sibyl, “I have been living in a land of illusions.” (0:38)

Oscar Wilde as narrator: “This was a mere hallucination, an illusion brought on by his troubled senses... He was mad to think so.” (0:42)

Lord Henry tells Dorian, “Sibyl Vane is dead.”
“It was obviously not an accident... She’d swallowed something.
”Someone has killed herself for love of you.” (0:45)

Dorian tells artist Basil, referring to his reaction to Sibyl’s suicide, “I suffered immensely.” (0:49)

Wilde: “It had been mad of him to allow the thing to remain,...” (0:52)

Basil tells Dorian, “There was that wretched boy in the guards who committed suicide.”
Dorian: “The wretched boy in the guards was so insanely in love with a woman he felt he couldn’t live without her.”
Basil: ”Yours seem filled with an insatiable madness for pleasure.” (1:06)

Wilde, referring to Dorian: “Panic seized him.” (1:12)

His scientist friend Allen tells Dorian, “You must be insane to suppose I’d lift a finger to help you.”
Dorian: “It was suicide Allen.” (1:19)

Lord Henry tells the other diners, “When her third husband died, her hair turned quite gold from grief.” (1:21)

Detective Sir Robert tells Gladys and Dorian, “This morning, Allen Campbell died by his own hand.” (1:24)

Street preacher: “The soul is not an illusion.” (1:26)

His friend Adrian tells Dorian, “I have all I need here, drink, drugs and no friends.” (1:30)

Lord Henry tells Dorian, “They were talking about Basil’s disappearance, but now they’re completely taken up with Allen Campbell’s suicide.” (1:34)

Dorian’s friend Geoffrey: “What an idiot the man was to get in front of the gun.” (1:36)

David tells Gladys and Lord Henry, referring to the portrait, “It has sort of middle-aged, mad, gruesome uncle... “ (1:41)

Wilde: “Allen Campbell had shot himself...” (1:44)

Gladys grieves when she realizes Dorian has died. (1:48)

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