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Pig Pen

Lucas Koch, Vito Trigo, Nicolette Le Faye, Michael Brecher, Josh Davidson
glue | heroin | oxycodone | OxyContin
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His mother tells Zack, referring to her partner, "Don't worry about Wayne." (0:03)

Wayne tells Zack’s mother, "Taken all my oxy, haven't you?" (0:05)

Wayne tells Zack, "You look a little freaked." (0:07)

Ms. Donaldson takes pills from a prescription bottle. (0:21)

Zack appears to huff glue using a paper bag. (0:26)

Wayne asks Zack’s mother, "Are you going to tell me you never huffed when you were a kid?" (0:27)

Zach overhears Wayne telling his mother, "You have the money to get doped up on oxy all day..."
Wayne tells Zach, ”Don't worry about it.” (0:33)

Zack’s mother: "Wayne, this is... crazy."
Wayne beats Zack’s mother. (0:34)

Fred tells Zack, "I just have you restrained ‘cause I didn't want you freaking out again and causing an accident."
”When people are unconscious, their brains bleed.”
”Don't worry about it.” (0:39)

Fred tells Zack, "I was once down this way, and I saw a guy in a dress." (0:44)

Wayne tells his friend Rick, "Stop talking about... dope." (0:57)

Wayne tells Zach, referring to a foster home, "It was with some crazy old lady." (0:59)

Wayne tells Rick, "Don't be... retarded." (1:05)

Rick holds a packet of white powder and a syringe. He tells Zack, “... they had this TV show on about this retarded kid who was doing inspirational things in his school... he got that retarded look... there on TV, this... retard, he's got everyone cheering for him... There's this guy in the neighborhood, he's retarded or crazy or something... you got two idiots...
Rick cooks heroin in a spoon.
”Wayne's crazy...”
Rick injects his arm. (1:07)

Zack remembers his now dead mother. (1:18)