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Pillow Talk

Rock Hudson, Doris Day, Tony Randall, Thelma Ritter, Nick Adams, Julia Meade, Allen Jenkins, Marcel Dalio
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Elevator operator Harry tells interior decorator Jan Morrow, referring to Jan's housekeeper Elma, "That's a peach of a hangover she's got this morning."
”Why does she have to go out and get stoned every night?” (0:06)

Jan asks telephone company manager Mr. Conrad, "Have you any idea what it's like to be on a party-line with a, a sex maniac?" (0:08)

Jan's boss Mr. Piero tells his secretary, referring to Jan, "If she doesn't get here soon, that woman is going to drive me out of my mind." (0:09)

Jan's client Jonathan Forbes tells a policeman, "My analyst will never believe this." (0:11)

Jonathan tells Jan, "I've been talking to this psychiatrist about my mother for 2 years." (0:18)

Jonathan tells songwriter Brad Allen, "With $200,000 my grandfather cornered the wheat market and started a panic in Omaha."
”I may be neurotic, but I'm not crazy... I can never get her on the phone. She shares a party line with some nut.”
Brad: ”What kind of a nut?”
Jonathan: ”Some guy with a phone fetish.” (0:21)

His entertainer lover Marie tells Brad, "Don't worry, darlin’." (0:29)

Jan: "Tony, your mother is going to be terribly worried about you."
”Will you please stop trying to get me drunk?”
Tony: ”Drunk? I'll have you know a Harvard man never resorts to getting a woman drunk, except in an emergency...”
Jan: ”All right, you can stay until A.A. comes for you.” (0:31)

Jan, thinking to herself: “You idiot..." (0:38)

Jan tells Alma, referring to Brad, "He's six foot six, handsome, intelligent, owns a mountain." (0:54)

Jonathan tells Jan, "What a blow to my psyche to be rejected for a cowboy." (0:55)

Nurse Resnick tells Dr. Maxwell, referring to Brad, "But he was obviously a psychopath." (0:58)

Jonathan answers Brad, "Jan, the one with the party line with the nut?" (0:59)

Jan, by telephone: "Mr. Allen, this may come as a shock to you but..." (0:59)

Jonathan tells detective Graham, "I should have listened to my psychiatrist." (1:01)

Jonathan tells Jan, "You are becoming hysterical."
Another restaurant patron hits Jonathan, rendering him unconscious. (1:21)

Jonathan tells Brad, referring to Jan, "I've decided to give her up, on the advice of my psychiatrist, also my dentist." (1:22)

Brad tells Jonathan, "I've had hangovers before, but this time even my hair hurts."
Jonathan, referring to Alma: ”And you were going to get her drunk, huh?” (1:28)

Her boss Mr. Piero tells Jan, "It might be... traumatic." (1:30)