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Pink Flamingos

Divine, David Lochary, Mary Vivian Pearce, Mink Stole, Danny Mills, Edith Massey, Channing Wilroy, Cookie Mueller, Paul Swift, Susan Walsh, Linda Olgeirson
Elvis Presley | Divine | amyl nitrite | heroin
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Narrator Mr. J: “Across town... live Connie and Raymond Marble, two jealous perverts...” (0:05) 

Movie posters: The Queen, I, A Woman, Boom! (0:13)

The Marbles’ Captor Suzie tells Channing, “And you, you little suckling, can’t even get me my tranquilizers.” (0:14)

Raymond exposes himself to two women. (0:21)

Raymond tells Cookie, “We own a few pornography shops, plus we front money to a chain of heroin pushers in the inner city elementary schools.” (0:24)

Cookie tells Crackers, “You’re crazy.” (0:30)

Channing dressed to look like Connie (0:47)

Channing tells Connie and Raymond, referring to the captive women, “If I sit downstairs I can hear them screaming, screaming and crying, and then I get all nervous.” (0:50)

Babs (Divine) and another partier sniff poppers. (0:56)

By telephone Raymond tells police, “The sight of such perverts guzzling wine and taking dope right out in the open.” (0:59)

Babs and the other partiers eat the police officers. (1:00)

Narrator: “Even with the hectic events of the day Raymond Marble still finds time to satisfy his perverted urges.” (1:02)

A male to female transsexual turns the tables on Raymond when he exposes himself to her. (1:03)

Raymond tells Connie, “You know how fire makes me nervous.” (1:09)

Marbles’ captor Linda: “Only Chan, this repulsive pervert you have tied up.” (1:11)

Poster for Baby Doll on the Marbles’ wall. (1:18)

Cracker tells the newsmen, referring to the Marbles, “It was suicide on their part.”
Babs: “Advocate cannibalism. Eat shit.” (1:22)

Babs tells Cotton and Crackers, referring to her hair, “I’m gonna make mine hot pink with a D.A with Elvis Presley sideburns.” (1:30)

Cut scenes: Crackers’ friend Patty tells Babs, referring to the kids, “One of them’s retarded.” (1:38)

Babs takes a bite of Cookie’s left ear. (1:41)

Original trailer title: “The nearest American film to Bunuel’s Andalusian Dog.” (1:43)

Viewer: “It’s absolutely better than Cries and Whispers.”
Viewer: “I have an aversion to snakes.” (1:44)