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Pink Flamingos

CastDivine, David Lochary, Mary Vivian Pearce, Mink Stole, Danny Mills, Edith Massey, Channing Wilroy, Cookie Mueller, Paul Swift, Susan Walsh, Linda Olgeirson
Year released1972
Spoiler alert
Blog entry

Narrator Mr. J: “Across town... live Connie and Raymond Marble, two jealous perverts...” (0:05) 

Movie posters: The Queen, I, A Woman, Boom! (0:13)

The Marbles’ Captor Suzie tells Channing, “And you, you little suckling, can’t even get me my tranquilizers.” (0:14)

Raymond exposes himself to two women. (0:21)

Raymond tells Cookie, “We own a few pornography shops, plus we front money to a chain of heroin pushers in the inner city elementary schools.” (0:24)

Cookie tells Crackers, “You’re crazy.” (0:30)

Channing dressed to look like Connie (0:47)

Channing tells Connie and Raymond, referring to the captive women, “If I sit downstairs I can hear them screaming, screaming and crying, and then I get all nervous.” (0:50)

Babs (Divine) and another partier sniff poppers. (0:56)

By telephone Raymond tells police, “The sight of such perverts guzzling wine and taking dope right out in the open.” (0:59)

Babs and the other partiers eat the police officers. (1:00)

Narrator: “Even with the hectic events of the day Raymond Marble still finds time to satisfy his perverted urges.” (1:02)

A male to female transsexual turns the tables on Raymond when he exposes himself to her. (1:03)

Raymond tells Connie, “You know how fire makes me nervous.” (1:09)

Marbles’ captor Linda: “Only Chan, this repulsive pervert you have tied up.” (1:11)

Poster for Baby Doll on the Marbles’ wall. (1:18)

Cracker tells the newsmen, referring to the Marbles, “It was suicide on their part.”
Babs: “Advocate cannibalism. Eat shit.” (1:22)

Babs tells Cotton and Crackers, referring to her hair, “I’m gonna make mine hot pink with a D.A with Elvis Presley sideburns.” (1:30)

Cut scenes: Crackers’ friend Patty tells Babs, referring to the kids, “One of them’s retarded.” (1:38)

Babs takes a bite of Cookie’s left ear. (1:41)

Original trailer title: “The nearest American film to Bunuel’s Andalusian Dog.” (1:43)

Viewer: “It’s absolutely better than Cries and Whispers.”
Viewer: “I have an aversion to snakes.” (1:44)

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