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Platinum Blonde

Loretta Young, Robert Williams, Jean Harlow, Halliwell Hobbes, Reginald Owen, Walter Catlett, Louise Closser Hale
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Editor Conroy tells Stew Smith, "No wonder you’re batty." (0:02)

His mother Gloria Schuyler calls Michael Schuyler "Imbecile." (0:04)

Gallagher asks Stew, "Are you completely bats?" (0:15)

Conroy tells Stew, "Now don’t tell me you were drunk at the time and don’t remember." (0:30)

Michael’s sister, now Stew’s wife, Ann Schuyler Smith tells Gloria, "Mother, if you keep this up, you’ll have a nervous breakdown before you go to Europe."
Gloria: ”It’s a good thing your father passed away before he saw insanity ravage the family.” (0:37)

Stew asks his valet Dawson, "Was I very drunk last night?"
Dawson: ”Drunk, sir?”
Stew: ”Gosh, I must have been plastered if I hired a valet.” (0:44)

Gloria tells Ann, referring to Stew, "I was so worried for fear he’d knock over a vase or something. I must’ve acted like an idiot."
Ann: ”I told you not to worry about him.” (0:58)

Ann asks Stew, "Are you crazy?"
”Maybe I can enjoy myself for once without having to worry about you and what you’re going to do.” (1:04)

Stew: "Smythe, I’m going nuts. I’m going nuts in this house." (1:07)

Lawyer Dexter Grayson tells Gloria, referring to Smythe,"He’s drunk."
”Very drunk.” (1:18)

Gloria: "Heavens, the man’s insane."
Stew: ”Sure I’m insane.” (1:21)

Stew tells Gallagher, referring to Ann, "I’m not worrying about her. I’m worrying about that second act curtain." (1:22)

Stew tells Dexter, "Unconscious... when you don’t know anything, your natural state." (1:24)