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Play It Again, Sam

CastWoody Allen, Diane Keaton, Tony Roberts, Jennifer Salt, Jerry Lacy, Susan Anspach, Joy Bang, Susanne Zenor, Diana Davila, Michael Greene, Ted Markland
Year released1972
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Scene from Casablanca
Rick tells Ilsa, ”... it doesn’t take much to see that the problems of three little people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world.” (0:00)

Writer Allan Felix: "I’m so depressed."
Poster for Across the Pacific
”I’m turning into an aspirin junkie.” (0:05)

Allan tells his ex-wife Nancy, "I’ll just kill myself..." (0:06)

Allan: "If I only knew where my damn analyst was vacationing... Every summer the city is full of people who are crazy until Labor Day... nymphomaniacs..." (0:06)

Allan imagines Humphrey Bogart asking him, "Relationship? And where’d you learn that word, from one of those Park Avenue headshrinkers?"
Allan: ”At the end of Casablanca... weren’t you crushed?” (0:08)

Allan tells his friends businessman Dick Christie and his wife Linda, referring to Nancy, "She wants to ski down a mountain laughing like an idiot."
Dick: ”They must have thought I was crazy.”
Posters for Key Largo and Casablanca on Allan’s wall
Dick: ”... Nancy was impulsive.”
Allan: ”Yeah, but she didn’t leave impulsively.”
Dick tells Linda, ”Well, he’s having a breakdown...”
Allan: ”What about Darvon.”
Linda: ”My analyst once suggested Darvon...”
Allan: ”I used to get migraines, but my analyst cured me.”
”I don’t think analysis can help me. I may need a lobotomy.”
”You want a Fresca with the Darvon?”
”Apple juice and Darvon is fantastic together.”
Linda: ”Have you ever had Librium and tomato juice?”
Allan: ”No... but another neurotic tells me they’re unbelievable.”
”I’ll get the pills.” (0:10)

Dick asks Linda, "What are you taking a pill for?"
Linda: ”It’s a Miltown. I’m tense... the whole subject of divorce is traumatic for me.” (0:14)

Dick tells Linda, referring to Allan, "He likes neurotics." (0:17)

Bogart tells Allan, "... and don’t get nervous."
Sharon: ”Up until tonight, the doctors had told me that I was frigid.”
Allan: ”... but you got hysterical when I said ‘no more’.” (0:22)

Posters for Dead Reckoning and The Big Sleep
Allan tells Linda, ”She took it as a symbol of my clumsiness...” (0:25)

Dick tells Linda, referring to Allan, "He’s just overanxious..." (0:30)

By telephone, Linda tells Allan, "Ask my analyst."
”... one of them is group.”
Allan: ”Emotionally disturbed women are sort of interesting, maybe a nice pervert or something.”
”What do you mean, crazy?”
”I’d prefer a girl that doesn’t get hung up on me.” (0:31)

Jennifer tells Allan, "I’m a nymphomaniac... They’re so inhibited." (0:31)

Allan answers Linda: "A van Gogh, any van Gogh."
Linda: ”I feel some sort of mystical attraction for Van Gogh.” (0:34)

Allan tells a woman, "That’s quite a lovely Jackson Pollock, isn’t it?"
Woman: ”... like a useless bleak straight jacket in a black, absurd cosmos.”
”Committing suicide.” (0:35)

Allan tells LInda and Dick, "if they’re beautiful, they’re crazy... Great beauty drives a woman crazy."
”I stroke.” (0:35)

Dick tells Allan, referring to Linda, "She’s moody lately."
”I’m crazy about her.” (0:41)

Julie tells Allan, "Hey, let’s go in there and get stoned..." (0:42)

Allan tells a man in the bar, "I’m on the wagon... battle fatigue..."
”You fellows seen the new production of The Trojan Women?” (0:43)

Allan tells Julie, "Don’t worry about a thing."
”Don’t worry, sweetheart...” (0:45)

Linda asks Allan, "What do you have for an anxiety attack? I need a tranquilizer."
Allan: ”... how do you know it’s anxiety?”
Linda: ”What is it, fear or anxiety?”
Allan: ”Homosexual panic.”
”It’s an interesting psychological phenomenon.”
Linda: ”My analyst would say that I’m feeling guilty because I really want him to go.”
Allan: ”Why are you such a mass of symptoms?”
Linda: ”It’s good for my ego.” (0:50)

Allan tells Linda, "... the late show is showing The Big Sleep tonight." (0:52)

Allan, referring to Linda: "I hate to see her depressed... It makes ‘em crazy. Makes ‘em crazy?" (0:53)

Allan imagines Linda telling him, "You must be crazy." (0:55)

Linda tells Allan, "That Librium I took today is really beginning to work."
Referring to a movie character: ”She kills them and herself.” (0:55)

Bogart tell Allan, "You’re as nervous as Elizabeth Scott was before I blew her brains out."
Allan: ”This is crazy.” (0:59)

Linda tells Allan, "I’m afraid to fly. My analyst said it’s an excuse."
Allan: ”You’re nuts.”
Linda: ”I have such an inferiority complex.” (0:59)

Scene from Casablanca (1:04)

Linda tells Allan, "I’m so tense."
Allan: ”If you want me, I’ll be at home on the floor having an anxiety attack.” (1:06)

Allan imagines Dick walking into the surf to kill himself. (1:10)

Allan, referring to Dick: "He’s liable to... kill himself or something. Kill himself?"
Poster for Le coppie (1:10)

Dick, as an Italian movie character, calls Allan, "Imbecile. Imbecile." (1:11)

Dick tells Allan, referring to Linda, "These past few weeks she’s been distant and distracted..."
”... she said it was just a nightmare.”
”If she leaves me, I’ll kill myself... I panicked...” (1:12)

Allan, referring to Dick and Linda: "He’s crazy about her." (1:14)

Allan: "What if Linda’s really hooked on me?" (1:16)

Allan: "Linda, you’re going crazy." (1:17)

Bogart tells Allan, "You’re hysterical." (1:17)

Linda tells Allan, "You didn’t have to have on the proper mood music."
Allan, referring to what he just told Linda: ”It’s from Casablanca.” (1:20)

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