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Play Misty for Me

Clint Eastwood, Jessica Walter, Donna Mills, John Larch, Jack Ging, Irene Hervey, James McEachin, Clarice Taylor, Don Siegel, Duke Everts
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Jay Jay tells sculptor Tobie, referring to disc jockey David, “He could kill himself.” (0:22)

Disc jockey Al tells David, “Alright, I think I will... blow me a little number.”
He sniffs a joint.
David: “It’s just a hangup I have, or had.” (0:34)

David breaks into the bathroom to find Evelyn bleeding from wrist lacerations.
Physician Frank tells David, “I bombed her out pretty good.”
”I wouldn’t leave her alone if she seems unusually depressed or insecure.” (0:47)

Evelyn recites an imagined headline to David: “Girl Commits Suicide in Disc Jockey’s Home.” (0:50)

Evelyn tells David, “Oh God, I’m so alone!” (0:52)

Tobie asks David, “Are you drunk?”
David: ”Why what, drunk?” (1:01)

David tells police sergeant McCallum, “What she really needs is psychiatric help.”
McCallum: “Now look, those cuts on her wrists...” (1:06)

y telephone Evelyn tells David, “Therapy.” (1:18)

Tobie tells David, referring to Evelyn, “I thought they put her in a state sanitarium.” (1:24)

Tobie sees scars on Evelyn’s (now Annabel’s) exposed wrist. (1:29)