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Playing God

CastDavid Duchovny, Timothy Hutton, Angelina Jolie, Michael Massee, Peter Stormare, Andrew Tiernan, Gary Dourdan, John Hawkes
Year released1997
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Surgeon Eugene: ”It would paralyze you to think about it so you have to trust your instinct... that’s why I found myself walking in to a lousy L.A. bar to buy some fentanyl citrate -- synthetic heroin -- my personal favorite. You see, when I got high, the chain of events disappeared.” (0:01)

Eugene counts vials of fentanyl passed to him by his drug dealer. (0:02)

Eugene: “On the way home I said, ‘Tonight I will not get high.’” He empties a vial into a glass of milk and drinks it. (0:07)

Eugene: “On the other hand, if your life is in the toilet, and you had a nasty fentanyl citrate hangover, you could say, ‘What the hell. I am at the beach.’” (0:11)

Crime boss Raymond asks Eugene, “How’s your pill stash holdin’ up, doc?”
Eugene: “You wanna be my new drug dealer?” (0:13)

FBI agent Gage tells agent Casey, referring to Russian gangsters, “Now these guys are straight out insane.” (0:16)

Eugene tells Raymond’s moll Claire, “I was under the influence of narcotics and amphetamines at the time, so, yeah, you could say it was my fault.”
Claire: “So how come you’re still stoned?” (0:20)

A nurse tells Eugene, “I’m running saline with a splash of morphine...” (0:25)

Raymond tells thug Vlad, “Anesthesia. It dries you out.” (0:28)

Claire asks Eugene, “Other than the fact that you’re a drug addict, and the only patients you treat are criminals?”
Eugene: “I’m not a drug addict. I don’t take drugs to get high. I take drugs to feel normal, to get level. I regulate my drug intake very precisely.” Denial? (0:35)

Thug Perry tells his partner Flick, “You are such a... idiot, man.” (0:38)

Eugene asks Ray, “Armed psychopaths?” (0:44)

Raymond: “Are you... crazy?”
Eugene: “I’m giving her something for pain.” (0:48)

Eugene: “Claire, they’re painkillers.” (0:55)

Claire finds Eugene drinking cough syrup: “If you do quit, how long ‘til you’re okay?”
Eugene: “Three, four fun-filled days of sweats, dehydration and panic attacks.” (0:59)

Raymond withdrawing from opiates. (1:03)

Raymond tells Claire, “You’re the first patient I’ve had in a while who’s not a sociopath.”
”Started taking drugs... some meth to get up, a little fentanyl citrate to come down...” (1:04)

Gage, holding a prescription bottle, tells Eugene, “I thought your pill stash might be running a little low, so I got you these.” (1:08)

Raymond tells Claire, “You got your Adrenalin goin’. I got mine goin’.” (1:17)

Raymond tells Claire, “You know, I might even consider to couple therapy.” (1:26)

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