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Please Give

Catherine Keener, Rebecca Hall, Amanda Peet, Oliver Platt, Sarah Steele, Ann Morgan Guilbert, Josh Pais, Elizabeth Keener, Elise Ivy
diazepam | Valium
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Furniture store owner Kate tells her daughter Abby, referring to elderly neighbor Andra, “You just say that to rationalized not feeling bad for her.” (0:05)

Kate gives money to a transvestite on the street. (0:15)

Her business partner husband Alex asks Kate, “Are you out of your mind?” (0:19)

Andra’s esthetician granddaughter Mary: “You know that I’m not crazy.”
Mary’s mammography technician sister Rebecca: ”I like the people, you know, the patients.”
Referring to Mary: ”She’s drunk.”
Abby: “At least then I don’t feel crazy. I’m telling you, half the time, I do feel crazy.” (0:23)

Rebecca tells Mary, “You know, you were totally drunk.”
Mary: “I was not drunk.”
Rebecca: “You’re always drunk.”
”You’re an alcoholic.” (0:28)

Mary tells Alex, referring to the music, “Makes me want to kill myself.” (0:33)

Rebecca tells Abby, referring to Rebecca’s mother, “She killed herself.” (0:40)

Alex: “... idiot.” (0:52)

Her granddaughter Mary tells Andra, referring to coupons, “They depress me.” (0:54)

Andra, referring to the building superintendent: “Idiot.” (0:59)

Alex tells Mary, referring to their affair and his marriage, “They also say it... sometimes it can help.” (1:01)

Abby asks Kate, “Have you ever thought about killing yourself?”
”Rebecca’s mother killed herself.”
”This is insane.” (1:01)

Rebecca realizes that her mother has died. (1:05)

Kate asks a woman, “And the cones are not confusing at all?” (1:06)

Mary asks Rebecca, “Why do you think Mom took 85 Valium?” (1:08)

Kate tells Rebecca, “I guess washing dishes just makes me want to kill myself.” (1:10)

Mary’s ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend tells Mary, “You’re old, and you’re a stalker.” (1:19)

Memorial service for Andra. (1:23)