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Emily Browning, Xavier Samuel, Cam Gigandet, Dawn Olivieri, Thomas Dekker, Frances Fisher, Elizabeth Peña, Brandon Jay McLaren
Woody Allen | Willie Nelson | alprazolam | Xanax | melatonin
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Bandleader Jack: "We have a little song about obsession." (0:03)

Rocker: "We got Willie Nelson coming to our show. Gonna get high with Willie."
Drug paraphernalia on table.
Man: referring to Jack: "He's OD'ing." (0:06)

Jack's singer-songwriter Hayley tells guitarist Enzo, "I don't know if it's the Xanax or the vodka, but I'm feeling kind of trancy."
Enzo: "Girlfriend, you are stressed." (0:18)

Hayley tells Enzo, "This is crazy."
Enzo: "What's crazy?"
Hayley: "Enzo, I was really wasted." (0:27)

Nanny Camila tells Hayley, "I'm sorry for the confusion."
Hayley: "The door was unlocked so I just got a little freaked out."(0:36)

Hayley tells manager Annie, "That's crazy."
Annie: "You know what is crazy though?... That's crazy... and I have believe in you from the second I signed up for this insanity." (0:42)

Hayley tells her husband Carter, referring to a fan, "He is... some psycho in a suit."
"Now he's stalking me in LA." (0:45)

Dr. Lopez tells Hayley, "So why don't you try something natural like, you know, melatonin?"
Hayley: "Yeah, like I tried the melatonin, but the Xanax is the only thing that actually calms me down enough to fall asleep..."
Lopez: "No more Xanax, no booze, no cigarettes." (1:03)

Annie tells Hayley, "Look at Woody Allen and Bruce Springsteen."

Hayley, referring to Enzo, "Annie, he's obsessed."
"I mean my brother was a... nutbag. Maybe I'm being too paranoid." (1:10)

Carter and Annie learn of Annie's death. (1:15)

Hayley tells Enzo, referring to Carter, "He's an asshole when he's drunk."
Enzo: ''... but love makes you crazy, right?"
Hayley: "I just got freaked out, okay? I got freaked out..." (1:21)

Carter tells Hayley, referring to Enzo, "You picked a real psychopath." (1:32)