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Ed Harris, Marcia Gay Harden, Tom Bower
Jackson Pollock
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Artist Jackson Pollock drunk. (0:03)

Pollock hysterical in a psychiatric hospital room as his wife Lee and his brother Sande prepare to take him home. (0:17)

Jackson explains to his friend Reuben why the military did not draft him: "4F, too neurotic." (0:20)

Lee asks Jackson, referring to his painting, “What is this, free association, automatism?” (0:24)

Lee tells art collector Peggy, “The source of art comes from the unconscious.” (0:27)

Lee places unidentified pills on a table for Jackson, he washes them down. (1:13)

Jackson announces, “first one I’ve had in two years” as he takes a drink. (1:32)

Jackson drinks. His behavior escalates to full blown rageIntermittent Explosive Disorder? (1:34)

After he drinks and becomes progressively abusive, Lee tells Jackson, referring to his psychotherapy, “Weekly trips to your therapist, what a joke.” He rages again, breaking furniture. (1:39)

Intoxicated and despondent Jackson's car leaves the road resulting in a crash that ended his life and that of a passenger. Did he intend to kill himself? (1:55)