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Hayley Mills, Jane Wyman, Richard Egan, Karl Malden, Nancy Olson, Adolphe Menjou, Donald Crisp, Agnes Moorehead, Kevin Corcoran, James Drury, Reta Shaw
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Socialite Amelia tells orphan Pollyanna, “Most children who’ve lost their parents would end up in an orphanage.” (0:04)

Upstairs maid Angelica tells cook Tillie, “You’re in a fine mood, aren’t you.” (0:33)

Angelica asks Pollyanna, “Do you have to be glad about everything?” (0:35)

Reverend Ford preaches about “the foolish children of man who miserably delude themselves in the false confidence of their own strength and wisdom... however moral or strict, sober and religious you may otherwise be...” (0:37)

Maid Nancy tells Pollyanna, referring to Mrs. Snow, “She’s just plain crabby.” (1:03)

Mrs. Snow tells Pollyanna, “Why, I’m right on death’s doorstep.” Hypochondriasis? (1:06)

Orphan Jimmy tells Pollyanna, “You’re nutty.” (1:12)

Recluse Mr. Pendergast: “Kids! Drive you crazy.” (1:13)

Mrs. Snow tells Pollyanna, “I’m pickin’ the lining for my coffin.” (1:19)

Pollyanna's Aunt Polly asks doctor Ed, “Would you like to be paid for your diagnosis?” (1:27)

Ed tells Polly, “This depression she’s got herself into, that’s what’s worrying me.” (2:06)