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Divine, Tab Hunter, Edith Massey, David Samson, Mary Garlington, Ken King, Mink Stole, Stiv Bators, Jim Hill
Divine | amyl nitrite | butyl nitrite | isobutyl nitrite | phencyclidine | cocaine | cocaine freebase
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Dexter inhales a volatile liquid poured on cloth. (0:10)

A woman on the sidewalk yells at Dexter’s sister Lu-Lu, and her friend Bo-Bo, “You crazy cracker!” (0:14)

Dexter watches a woman in her home with binoculars. (0:16)

Dexter and Lu-Lu’s father Elmer tells their mother Francine, “I’m not in the mood.” (0:18)

Her mother La Rue asks Francine, referring to Francine’s friend Cuddles, “Don’t you know it’s bad luck to let retarded people into your home?”
Cuddles: “Francine, I’m in a heavenly mood today.”
Francine: “Oh Cuddles, I’ve been so depressed lately.” (0:22)

By telephone school principal Kirk tells Francine, “It’s the opinion of the entire staff that Dexter is criminally insane...” (0:26)

Francine tells Cuddles, “The principal said that he was insane.” (0:27)

Lu-Lu and Bo-Bo huffing (0:34)

Dexter snorts poppers.Francine: “Dexter, do you want to see a psychiatrist?” (0:34)

Francine drinks heavily. (0:38)

Lu-Lu tells Francine, “that’s no excuse, you big drunk.” (0:41)

La Rue tells Francine, “You better get yourself to an alcoholics meeting...”
”You see what an alcoholic you are?... You stink like an alcoholic.” (0:42)

Elmer announces with a public address system, referring to Francine, “She weighs 300 pounds and is an alcoholic... Because of her drunkenness bother her children are delinquents.” (0:43)

Cuddles tells Francine, “You’re so cute when you get tipsy.”
Francine: “Oh, Cuddles, I am an alcoholic.”
”You got to get me to the alcoholics meeting.”
”I’ve got to get to the alcoholics meet...” (0:44)

Alcoholics meeting. Speaker: “Her name is Francine Fishpaw, and she’s an alcoholic.”
Signs: “Live and let live.”
”Take one day at a time.”
Francine: “... and I am an alcoholic.” (0:47)

Francine tries to hang herself. (0:54)

Grief overcomes Lu-Lu when she finds Bo-Bo dead. (0:59)

Smelling gas in her home, Francine finds Lu-Lu with her head in the oven and the gas turned on.”
Francine faints. (1:00)

Francine reads the newspaper headline referring to Dexter: “Foot Stomper Released - - Insanity.” (1:00)

Dexter tells Francine, “... I’m rehabilitated now. I had a wonderful drug counselor in prison, and I received psychiatric treatment.”
Francine: “Dexter, I’m afraid your mom’s an alcoholic.”
Dexter: “I got off the angel dust.”
Dexter tells Lu-Lu, “I’m off drugs...” (1:01)

La Rue asks Francine, “How can I feel better with a drunken miser as a daughter?” (1:03)

Francine tells her friend Todd, “I’m sorry I’m so nervous... I crave liquor right this minute.”
Todd: “Easy does it, baby. One day at a time.”
”Let me kiss away your D.T.s, honey.” (1:09)

Todd helps himself from a pile of “nose candy.”
Woman: ”Free basing!” (1:13)

La Rue tells Todd, referring to Lu-Lu, “She’s gone insane, and we’re putting her in a mental hospital where she belongs.”
Todd, referring to Francine, “I do think she’s having a little nervous breakdown. I better call the mental hospital.”
By telephone Todd tells someone, “This woman’s had a breakdown.” (1:19)

Dexter: “I was nervous.” (1:22)