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Practical Magic

Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman, Stockard Channing, Dianne Wiest, Goran Visnjic, Aidan Quinn, Evan Rachel Wood, Alexandra Artrip, Mark Feuerstein, Caprice Benedetti, Camilla Belle
deadly nightshade
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Jet Owens: "We make them a little nervous." (0:00)

Jet’s niece Sally tells Aunt Frances and Aunt Bridget (Jet), "This is insane." (0:10)

Sally, referring to her husband Michael: "He died because I loved him so much." (0:16)

Kylie tells her mother Sally, referring to Kylie’s sister Antonia, "She drives around town all liquored up, naked." (0:19)

Gillian tells Sally, "Thank God for Jet's belladonna, or I'd never get any sleep."
Sally: ”So you're drugging your boyfriend to get a little shut-eye?” (0:23)

Gillian tell Sally, referring to Jimmy, “He's been really crazy, you know.”
”... the kid looked confused...” (0:31)

Gillian tell Sally, "The belladonna is in my bag."
Sally tells Jimmy, ”You're freaking me out, you Dracula freak.” (0:33)

Woman: "If any man dared take on an Owens woman, he’d live briefly in the euphoria of her love until meeting an untimely death." (1:02)

Clerk Carla tells detective Gary Hallet, "You get your psychos now and then..." (1:02)

Sally Tails Hallet, "Belladonna. It's a sedative." (1:08)

Aunt Frances: "I see our instincts are getting a little rusty." (1:27)