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The Prestige

Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Piper Perabo, Rebecca Hall, Scarlett Johansson, David Bowie, Andy Serkis, Ezra Buzzington, William Morgan Sheppard, Julie Sanford, Daniel Davis
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Stage engineer John tells the court, “I design illusions and construct the apparatus necessary to perform them.“
Solicitor: ”Mr. Cutter was this water-filled tank beneath the stage part of Mr. Angier’s illusion?”
”I ask again that this man explain the mechanics of Mr. Angier’s illusion.”
John: ”The Real Transported Man is one of the most sought after illusions in this business.” (0:03)

Magician Robert: “We were two young men devoted to an illusion.” (0:11)

John tells magician Alfred, “A bullet catch is suicide.” (0:13)

Robert realizes his wife Julia has drowned, grieves. (0:25)

Memorial for Julia. (0:26)

Scientist Nikola tells Robert, “I can recognize an obsession.”
Robert: ”Why, hasn’t good come of your obsessions?”
Nikola: ”If you understand an obsession, then you know you won’t change my mind.” (0:51)

Robert tells John, “This is a complex illusion.” (0:54)

Robert tells and John and his assistant Olivia, referring to Root, “He’s out of his mind.” (0:57)

Robert tells Olivia and John, “All I have to do is keep myself stinking drunk...” (0:58)

Robert: “Lady’s and gentlemen much of what you’ve seen tonight may be termed as illusions or entertaining trifles. Alas, I cannot tell you this next feat is illusion.” (0:59)

Robert tells Olivia, “Imagine what we can do with a real illusion.” (1:02)

Alfred tells Olivia, “He vanishes, and then he reappears instantly on the other side of the stage, mute, overweight, and... drunk.”
Olivia: “He’s obsessed with discovering your methods.” (1:05)

John tells Alfred, referring to Alfred’s stage double, “Root, you’re... more drunk than usual.” (1:05)

Robert tells Root, “Your illusion, the transported man...” (1:07)

Alfred walks through a graveyard, encounters Robert there. (1:15)

John tells Robert, “Obsession is a young man’s game.” (1:17)

Olivia tells Alfred, “I’m sure it takes great skills to perform illusions...” (1:21)

Alfred’s wife Sarah hangs herself. (1:34)

Robert tells John, “A wise man once told me obsession was a young man’s game.” (1:36)

Olivia tells Alfred, “You know the day before she killed herself she said she wanted to meet me...” (1:38)