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Pretty Baby

Dennis Morgan, Betsy Drake, Zachary Scott, Edmund Gwenn, William Frawley
amphetamine | Benzedrine
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Advertising executive Sam Morley tells his new secretary Patsy Douglas, "It'll take you awhile to get used to this madhouse."
Referring to their difficult client: ”Ten minutes alone with Cyrus Baxter and I'm reduced to a sniveling, dribbling idiot.” (0:07)

Sign on storefront: "Prescriptions" (0:28)

Patsy tells Cyrus how to manage his violent temper. (0:39)

Patsy tells Sam, "People can get shell shocked just from eating breakfast."
Sam's partner Barry Holmes tell the waiter, ”Oh, well scramble me a couple of Benzedrine tablets.” (0:41)

Sam tells Barry, referring to Patsy and baby food magnate Cyrus Baxter, "That idiot girl runs into a senile old man, and I get an ulcer." (0:44)

Patsy tells Sam, "I suffer from insomnia."
Sam: ”Insomnia?”
Patsy: ”Insomnia. Terrible insomnia.” (0:46)

Patsy askCyrus Baxter, "Mr. Smith, are you crazy, sitting at your employer's desk?"
”Well I've been worried about you, Miss Douglas.” (0:53)

Patsy tells Sam and Barry, "You're all crazy." (0:56)

Sam tells Patsy, "You don't see anything, except your own selfish little reputation." (1:02)

Cyrus tells Patsy, "We'll discuss it when you’re free from worry about the baby." (1:06)

Sam tells Barry, "Let's not fly into a panic." (1:11)

Cyrus tells Patsy, "I've been a different man since I first met you and the baby in the subway." (1:21)

Cyrus tells Sam and Barry, "I can only plead temporary insanity." (1:26)