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Bill Nighy, Imelda Staunton, Dominic West, Paddy Considine, Andrew Scott, George MacKay, Joseph Gilgun, Ben Schnetzer
Margaret Thatcher | marijuana | tobacco-marijuana
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Banner: “THATCHER OUT!” (0:01)

British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher speaks on television. (0:02)

Banner: “Better Blatant than Latent” (0:04)

A man walking by calls activist Mark “Pervert” (0:12)

Men in drag at club. (0:17)

Actor, now bus driver, Jonathan tells the others, “Someone better roll me a little spliffette.” (0:23)

Jonathan: “I think I’m start to freak out slightly.” (0:27)

Jonathan: “That’s the same whether you are standing on a picket line or trotting down Clapham High Street in full drag.” (0:35)

Maureen tells her son Lee, “We’re being backed up by perverts.” (0:43)

Activist Steph tells activist Bromley, “That way you get an alibi, and I get to watch The Sound of Music.” (0:47)

Jonathan, introducing Gethen, “He’s a little nervous.” (0:50)

Mark addresses the bingo players: “When we get back to London... we’re gonna do something so spectacular... that the National Coal Board... will come crawling on their hands and knees in full drag to beg you for forgiveness.” (0:54)

Gwen: “Jesus I’m pissed.” (1:00)

A miner reads the newspaper: “Perverts Support the Pits” (1:05)

Bromley: “They called us perverts.” (1:08)

Mark tells someone by telephone, “No, I am in no way suggesting that Sting or indeed any other member of The Police is a pervert. (1:08)

Tim tells Mark, “Oh, this is insane.” (1:18)

Steph asks miner’s wife Gail, “Drunk?”
”I will listen to a certain amount of drunken bollocks, Gail...” (1:19)

Margaret: “Hefina Heddon, you drive like a bloody lunatic.” (1:26)

Activist Reggie: “Don’t be crazy Gethin.” (1:29)

Miner’s wife Siân tells Bromley, “You’re a mad bugger.” (1:37)

Jonathan lights a joint. He tells Siân, “I think it’s the grass.” (1:40)