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Private Fears in Public Places

Lambert Wilson, Sabine Azéma, André Dussollier, Pierre Arditi, Laura Morante, Isabelle Carré, Claude Rich, Francoise Gillard
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Real estate agent Thierry tells his assistant Charlotte, “We’re addicted to Ludo.” (0:12)

Thierry tells his young sister Gaëlle, “I’ve read about drunken girl gangs.”
Gaëlle, referring to Charlotte: “Is she the uptight one?”
Thierry: “Uptight?” (0:17)

Bartender Lionel’s father Arthur tells caregiver Charlotte, “About bloody time, you blithering idiot!? (0:25)

Charlotte tells Lionel, referring to her Bible, “I need it in moments of stress.” (0:34)

His fiance Nicole asks ex-soldier Dan, “Are you totally drunk?” (0:53)

Lionel tells Charlotte, referring to his mother, “The poor woman was in so much pain despite the drugs.” (1:03)

Charlotte asks Lionel, “Are you mad?”
”Are you out of your mind?” (1:12)

Gaëlle tells Dan, “Gin makes me drunk.”
”I’m a bit tipsy...”
Dan: “My father doesn’t even speak to me.” (1:28)

Thierry asks Gaëlle, “Are you drunk?”
Gaëlle: “I won’t let some sex maniac tell me what to do.” (1:35)

Nicole tells Dan, “You were drunk, and I was mad with rage.” (1:44)

Lionel tells Charlotte, referring to his father Arthur, “I think they’ve sedated him.”
“What a crazy day.”
“But he’s having hallucinations.”
Charlotte: “Hallucinations?” (1:52)