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Private Life (2018)

CastPaul Giamatti, Kathryn Hahn, Kayli Carter, Molly Shannon, John Carroll Lynch, Desmin Borges, Denis O'Hare
Year released2018
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Richard Grimes injects his author wife Rachel Biegler. (0:01)

Richard tells Rachel, "Don’t obsess, all right?" 
Rachel: ”I’m not obsessing...” 
”Are we insane?” 
Richard: ”No, we’re not insane...” 
”Marty’s an idiot.” 
”Did you take your Valium?” (0:03)

Doctor: "All I do all day is put people to sleep." (0:05)

Rachel asks fertility specialist Dr. Dordick, "Like mentally? Like psychosomatic?" 
Richard: ”No, not mentally, physically...” 
”... This is so depressing.” 
Dordick: ”It’s not depressing, Rich.” (0:07)

His wife Cynthia tells Richards orthodontist brother Charlie, referring to Rachel and Richard, "They’re like impulsive gamblers." 
”Giving them money is just enabling them.” 
”To pursue this fantasy of fertility... They are strung out... They’re like fertility junkies.” 
Charlie: ”That’s nuts.” (0:10)

By telephone, her daughter Sadie Barrett answers Cynthia, referring to smoking, "No, I quit." 
Emotionally, not academically...” (0:12)

Richard tells a dinner guest, "It’s all just party people drinking themselves sick..." (0:15)

A dinner guest tells Rachel, ".. . I’m obsessed." 
”... What an idiot.” (0:16)

Rachel tells the cab driver, "I just had a medical procedure..." (0:19)

Rachel tells Richard, "If our social worker is so uptight... screw everything..." 
”... Between the doctors and the social workers and the support groups...” (0:20)

Rachel tells social worker Beth, ”... we weren’t getting any calls, which was totally depressing...” 
Beth: "... the emotional scams are just really, really tough." (0:27)

Rachel tells Richard, referring to Dr. Dordick, "Well, he’s out of his... mind." 
“... all this time... you’ve been having secret fantasies about egg donation?” 
Richard: ”It’s not a secret fantasy.” 
Rachel: ”... It’s freaking me out.” 
Rachel: ”... the husband in Rosemary’s Baby, that’s you.” (0:31)

Rachel tells Richard, "Oh, you are so in denial. It’s like crazy." 
Richard: ”... Don’t knock denial...” (0:37)

Richard: “Rachel, are you crazy?..." (0:41)

Rachel tells Richard, "It’s like The Handmaid’s Tale..." (0:41)

His step-niece Sadie tells Richard, "It’s so Serpico." (0:43)

Sadie answers Rachel, "Because that way I don’t have to talk to any deluded college students..." 
Referring to Rachel and Richard: ”... they still have to live... on Avenue A with the drunks and graffiti in front...” (0:44)

Sadie tells Rachel and Richard, "... You know, that whole fantasy..." (0:48)

Richard tells Sadie, "A bunch of blood tests, a psychiatric evaluation." 
Rachel: ”... make sure you would be able to handle the whole thing, psychologically.” 
Sadie: ”Just something we read about in a medical ethics class.” 
Rachel: ”The drugs?” 
Richard: ”... the stimulating hormones... You give yourself injections...” 
Rachel: ”It’s a lot of shots... the drugs can make you feel pretty crazy, mood wise. My shrink had a really funny name for it...” 
Richard: ”Emotionally incontinent.”
”... it would be way less fraught, emotionally.” (0:55)

Sadie, referring to Rachel and Richard: "... make their dreams come true..." 
Dinner guest: ”... I am most grateful for being 31 days sober today. Clean and sober 31 days.” (1:05)

Cynthia asks Sadie, "That’s what you think I'm worried about? I am worried about you, Sadie." 
”... they’ve brainwashed you.” (1:08)

Cynthia: "This is madness." (1:09)

Dordick: "... after... Sadie’s completed her psychological evaluation..." (1:11)

Charlie tells Richard, referring to Cynthia, "She’s been having a really tough time hormonally." (1:12)

Charlie tells Charlotte, "I’m so proud of you. We’re so proud of her..." (1:14)

Rachel reads a letter to Richard, regarding Sadie: "... The purpose of this evaluation is to gain insight into her psychological and emotional well-being. Psychological testing indicates no significant evidence of psychopathology.” 
”Ms Barrett presented as a bright, sophisticated and charismatic young woman... mature and intelligent... will comply with the medical demands..." 
Sadie: ”I was a little worried.” 
Richard: ”I was very worried.” (1:15)

Richard injects Rachel. 
Sadie: ”... We’re like Drugstore Cowboy.” (1:17)

Rachel tells Sadie, “... This stuff can make you feel crazy...”
Sadie: "Emotionally incontinent... Don’t worry." 
Richard injects Sadie. (1:18)

Sadie tells Rachel, "My boobs are so big from the drugs..." 
Rachel: ”That’s crazy.” (1:20)

Rachel tells Richard, "... same thing with this whole fertility nightmare..." 
Richard: ”You can’t blame second-wave feminism for our ambivalence...” 
Rachel: ”I’m not ambivalent.” 
”Can we... just repress it, or suppress it?...
Sadie: ”It’s suppress... When you consciously forget something, that’s suppression. Repression is unconscious.” (1:22)


Sadie tells Rachel and Richard, "Do not freak out." (1:29)

The receptionist tells Richard, referring to Dr. Russell, "... he’s with patients all morning." (1:32)

Rachel asks Sadie, "Those guys driving you crazy up there?" 
Richard tells Sadie, ”... don’t worry about the stupid numbers thing...” (1:33)

Richard’s coworker Sam asks Sadie, "Are you freaking out?" 
Sadie injects herself. (1:35)

Rachel tells Sadie, "They call it the trigger shot." 
Richard injects Sadie. (1:35)

The doctor tells Sadie, "... all I do all day is put people to sleep." (1:37)

Rachel tells Sadie, "... your body to readjust after all the hormones. I wouldn’t worry about it." (1:38)

Sadie tells the doctor, "... I increased the dose of follitropin." 
Richard: ”That doctor’s such a... idiot.” (1:40)

Sadie tells Cynthia, "... I was the idiot." (1:41)

Richard tells Rachel, "... I’m just some guy that injects hormones into your ass every night." 
Rachel: ”Why are you so fixated on this?” 
Richard: ”... since we have been so obsessed with this project... and you had to get trashed... before you would even consider it.” (1:47)

Guide, referring to the founders’ children, "... all of them died young." 
He tells Sadie, ”... you even have your own fainting couch.” (1:51)

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