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The Private Life of Don Juan

Douglas Fairbanks, Merle Oberon, Bruce Winston, Gina Malo, Benita Hume, Binnie Barnes, Melville Cooper, Owen Nares, Heather Thatcher, Diana Napier
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Don Juan asks his physician, “Aren’t you going to give me any prescription?”

Physician: ”A very important prescription...” (0:09)

While throngs of grieving women weep over his supposed death Don Juan asks his steward Leporello, “Why are all these women in mourning?”
Leporello asks a grieving woman, ”Then why are you in mourning?” (0:36)

Don Juan asks Leorello, “If women grieve so at my funeral can you imagine what’s going to happen when I return?” (0:40)

Don Juan: “I’m going mad!” (1:05)

Dancer Antonita tells the others, “Oh a lunatic, calls himself Don Juan.” (1:14)

Don Juan: “Ladies and gentlemen, you are under the delusion that Don Juan is dead.” (1:16)

Reference in Broken Flowers