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A Private Matter (1992)

Sissy Spacek, Aidan Quinn, Estelle Parsons, Sheila McCarthy, Leon Russom, Xander Berkeley, Richard Venture, Jeff Perry, Carla Gugino, William H. Macy
thalidomide | Distaval
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Newspaper headline: “US Bans Crippler Drug” (0:07)

TV personality Sherri reads from a prescription bottle: “Distaval. It’s a tranquilizer. Take as needed for sleep.” (0:08)

Sherri tells Diane, “The kids drive you crazy.”
Referring to her teacher husband Bob, ”I don’t know why it drives me crazy, but it does.” (0:12)

“I think it’s about those tranquilizers you brought back from Europe.”
Bob: “Tranquilizers?” (0:13)

Dr. Werner tells Sherri and Bob, “Distaval is pure thalidomide.”
”It’s the drug, the drug that’s done the damage.” (0:13)

Bob: “Well you’re gonna have to try, Sherri, otherwise it’s gonna drive you crazy.” (0:18)

Bob, by telephone: “Dr. Anderson, the psychiatrist.” (0:20)

Sherri meets with Anderson, who tells her, “My job, as a psychiatrist, is to find out if you has you in such stress that you might become emotionally imbalanced and take your own life.”
”Take my own life?”
”Well, people do some crazy things... You don’t sleep?... Danger of self-destructiv impulses... disintegration of personality. Severe suicidal depression.” (0:21)

Partiers: “Don’t Bee a teetotaler.”
”Do Bee a booze hound.” (0:25)

Reporter Tom tells Sherri, “This thalidomide thing is a real horror.”
”If this drug’s gotten into this country somehow people have to know.” (0:26)

Newspaper headline: “Pill May Cost Phoenix Woman Her Baby” (0:26)

Bob asks Sherri, “Have you lost your mind?” (0:27)

Werner tells Bob, “It makes them nervous.” (0:28)

Ray tells Sherri, “It’s got an evil drug company.” (0:29)

Mom tells Sherri and Diane, “No drug company is gonna market a pill that deforms babies.”
Mom: “This woman read about this drug in the papers....” (0:30)

A reporter asks Bob, “Will you sue the drug company?” (0:43)

Her friend Diane asks Sherri, “Why would Bob of all people be taking tranquilizers?”
Sherri: ”A doctor prescribed tranquilizers.”
“That’s what’s driving me crazy.” (0:48)

A television interviewer asks Sherri, “... were you happy you were pregnant before you found out about thalidomide?” (0:49)

The letter carrier tells Sherri’s mother Mary, “Mostly crazies, I’d say.”
”Here’s a crazy... That’s a crazy alright.” (0:54)

Bob tells police by telephone: “These are crazy people. Crazy people do crazy things.” (0:55)

Sherri tells Mary, “That’s what they said about tranquilizers.” (0:56)

Hospital administrator Steve tells Sherri, “I know it sounds crazy, but it’s a crazy world we live in.” (1:02)

Obstetrician Werner tells Bob, “It’s madness out there.” (1:10)

Sherri tells Bob, “Drives me crazy...” (1:24)