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Project X (2012)

Thomas Mann, Oliver Cooper, Jonathan Daniel Brown, Dax Flame, Kirby Bliss Blanton, Brady Hender, Nick Nervies, Alexis Knapp, Miles Teller, Martin Klebba, Rob Evors, Brendan Miller, Rick Shapiro
Adolf Hitler | 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine | marijuana
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His father: “And look, Thomas, I’m not an idiot.” (0:02)

Thomas' friend Costa mimes Adolf Hitler. (0:03)

Thomas tells Costa, “I’m just nervous.”
Costa, referring to J.B.: “He’s like a little fat Rain Man.” (0:05)

Student on his expectations for the party: “Get high...” (0:11)

Miles: “Heard it’s gonna be crazy.” (0:14)

Costa tells Thomas, “Dude, if I don’t... I’m drowning myself.”
”Gotta score some of that chronic...”
”... insane.”
Thomas: “You are literally retarded.” (0:15)

Drug dealer T-Rick shares his joint with Costa. (0:17)

Costa tells Thomas, referring to T-Rick, “He’s a... crazy man.” (0:18)

Costa: “An hour from now this place is a... madhouse.”
Thomas: “Not a madhouse...”
“Are you retarded?” (0:22)

Thomas tells partiers, referring to his father, “It’s just he’ll go crazy...” (0:27)

Partier Miles: “Let’s get crazy in this bitch.” (0:29)

Costa, referring to Thomas’ neighbor: “My boy Rob is here to rage.”
Rob: “Actually... I’m not raging.” (0:30)

Thomas: “... insane!” (0:34)

His friend Kirby tells Thomas, “It’s pretty... crazy.” (0:40)

Girl partier: “They’re pills.”
Boy partier: “It’s ecstasy, bro!”
Partiers take the pills. (0:46)

Thomas records a video message for his parents: “I’m drunk.”
He tells Costa, “I wasn’t nervous.”
Costa: “Look, man, I know you’re not a drug guy.”
”It’s ecstasy. It’ll put the brakes on your little freak out.” (0:47)

Security guard Everett: “It’s crazy out there.” (0:56)

Costa: “It’s... insane.”
”Thomas, you crazy...” (1:00)

Costa tells Thomas, referring to T-Rick’s gnome, “It was full of ecstasy.” (1:07)

Radio reporter Bean, “Can we please talk about this insanity in Pasadena last night?” (1:13)