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James Garner, James Woods, Piper Laurie, Peter Michael Goetz
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Wake for Bob and D.J. Beuhler’s mother (0:03)

Bob answers his old lover Annie, referring to D.J., "Crazy? Sure. He’ll always be crazy. He's schizophrenic."
”One day he was D.J., and the next this crazy person came out of his room.”
”I thought... he'd kill himself, you know?... I got a crazy man... ” (0:08)

Family friend Mrs. Post tells Bob, referring to D.J., "He's a little nervous." (0:15)

D.J. tells Bob, referring to their mother, "I miss her." (0:21)

D.J. gets agitated about his compulsion to wash his hands. (0:35)

Bob tells a friend, referring to DJ, "He's crazy."
”You want to know how crazy he is?... He thinks my mother is going to be reincarnated as a bug.” (0:37)

Bob's secretary Joan: "Bob, you idiot." (0:38)

Bob tells D.J., "I'm gonna... send you back to the looney bin again."
D.J.: ”... it doesn't make any difference if a crazy man here is you... You are the same selfish bastard you were 30 years ago... it didn't feel good to have a crazy brother.” (0:39)

Bobtails Annie, referring to D.J. and panhandler Milt, "He gave his jacket to a wino in the park." (0:44)

Bob finds D.J. catatonic in his room. (0:47)

Psychiatrist Dr. Pressman tells Bob, referring to D.J., "He had a break... a catatonic episode... He stopped taking his medication... he goes into himself. That's what catatonia is. Am I talking to a psych grad here?."
Voices, hallucinations. Dysfunction in schizophrenia, like blindness.”
”The drugs work...”
Bob: ”He's driving me crazy.”
Pressman: ”Patients call ‘em warehouses.” (0:49)

Bob tells Annie, referring to what D.J. said, "That's just crazy, of course."
”I went to see a home, a place for crazy people.”
”He's making me into a crazy person.” (0:54)

Bob visits D.J. in a psychiatric hospital.
D.J.: ”Some of the wires have voices in them and they tell me things like what to do and people are watching me... I feel the voice in the ad is talking to me. I hear them talking to me. He tells me to buy the things... I hear them talking about me. Sometimes I hear them planning to kill me... ” (0:57)

D.J. tells Bob with pressured speech, "The ideas won't stop."
”It's The Enchanted Cottage...” (1:18)

Bob finds D.J. acting manic: “I’m the king.”
”I can fly.” (1:21)

D.J. becomes agitated in Bob’s car. (1:24)

Bob tells the deputies, referring to D.J., "He’s crazy." (1:25)

Bob tells Annie, referring to D.J.,"He's in the nuthouse again."
”I saw them take him in a straight jacket...”
”He kept seeing things on the road: cows, little people...”
”All the time he was going crazy, and I didn't see it.” (1:26)

Bob asks Annie, "Did you see that couple at the clinic, patients, had their arms around each other?" (1:32)

DJ tells Bob, "It's a funny farm... It's a place to hide crazy people." (1:34)