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Prozac Nation

Christina Ricci, Anne Heche
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Young student Lizzie (Elizabeth Wurzelcuts her leg with a razor blade. (0:04)

Lizzie tells her mother, "Pity, I was aiming for psychotic." (0:05)

Lizzie asks her college roommate Ruby, "Do you smoke?"
She hands her a cigarette.
Ruby: "You know, I've never smoked in the daytime before." (0:11)

Lizzie types: "When Lou Reed was 17 years old he was diagnosed as suffering from mood swings. He was subjected to electric shock treatment three times a week... and therein lies his genius [Lou Reed poster on a tree] to embrace his own psychic carnage."
Lizzie dances while Lou Reed plays with his band. (0:13)

Student Noah asks Lizzie, "You wanna do some X? You've never done X. Acid goes to your head, right? X goes to your heart."
She sucks white powder from his finger. Lou Reed sings. Lizzie imagines Lou Reed touches her.
Noah reads, "Lou Reed should be dead." (0:14)

Lizzie, referring to Noah, "He told me afterwards that in terms of absolute value, sex and drugs were equally meaningless to him..." (0:20)

Announcer: "The college journalism award for 1985 goes to Elizabeth Wurzel for her Harvard Crimson piece on Lou Reed." (0:21)

Lizzie tells Ruby, referring to Lizzie’s father, "He passed out on tranquilizers." (0:24)

Noah tells Lizzie, "I can get you some downers, okay?" (0:27)

Psychiatrist Sterling asks Lizzie, "Have you had any drugs in the last 24 hours?"
Lizzie: "Well, I guess I snorted some coke and smoked some pot, but, you know, that was just to make the ecstasy last longer."
Sterling: "Did you ever think you might have a substance abuse problem?"
Liz: "The only substance problem I have right now is that I need you to give me some tranq's so I can come down off this... coke." (0:28)

Young Lizzie in a psychotherapy session.
Lizzie: "You know, if you're gonna suggest therapy, don't." (0:28)

Lizzie: "Hemingway has this classic moment... That's how depression hits. You wake up one morning afraid that you're going to live." (0:30)

In her room in a psychiatric hospital Lizzie tells her mother, "Reasons of mental instability."
Mom: "It's all so crazy."
Her mother rages at her father. (0:32)

Noah tells Lizzie, "... you can only hang out in my room if you don't drink or do drugs."
"But, Noah, there's no reason to be in your room sober." (0:35)

Lizzie: "Ruby, this is crazy." (0:37)

Lizzie tells Sterling,"So I guess this is the Freud part..."
"I can't write."
"I feel so stupid sitting in therapy."
"I worry about being in therapy. I worry about not being in therapy." (0:38)

Rafe, by telephone, tells Lizzie, "Oh yeah, the ecstasy goddess." (0:42)

Her grandmother tells Lizzie's mother, referring to Lizzie, "She's drunk."
Lizzie: "Of course I'm drunk."
GM: "Is she on drugs?"
Lizzie: "I wish I was on drugs."
"Mom, believe me, if I was on drugs, I'd tell you."
Grandmother: "People don't behave this way if they're not on drugs." (0:45)

Her mother tells Lizzie, "I spend all our money on your therapy." (0:47)

Psychotherapy session with Sterling.
Lizzie: "Insight time... I don't have to be Freud to know I have a fear of rejection." (0:50)

Lizzie tells herself, referring to Rafe, "Do not show him how crazy you are." (0:51)

Joy Division poster on the wall. (0:52)

Lizzie asks her father about "those medical bills, the one's for psychiatric treatment."
"You want me to slit my wrists...?" (0:54)

Psychotherapy session with Sterling. (0:59)

Lizzie tells Rafe, "I know it's crazy..."
Rafe: "Are you crazy?" (1:00)

Psychotherapy session with Sterling. (1:04)

Ruby tells Lizzie, referring to Rafe, "So you'll drive him crazy and piss him off." (1:07)

Lizzie tells Rafe, "You're some kind of creepie voyeur." (1:11)

Lizzie tells Rafe, "Oh, you just...decided you wanted to... do lots of drugs?" (1:16)

Lizzie in psychotherapy session with Sterling.
Lizzie: "All I want is for Rafe to come back, and you're talking about pills."
"I can't believe you're pushing drugs after all of this."
Sterling: "I'm recommending... this medication..." (1:16)

Lizzie swallows a capsule. Lizzie in her hospital bed. (1:17)

Lizzie swallows capsule. (1:19)

A nurse tells Lizzie, referring to Lizzie's mother, "She refuses the intravenous Demerol."
Lizzie: "She refuses painkilling drugs?" (1:20)

Lizzie, looking down from a high balcony: "Not even heights freak me out anymore." (1:21)

After Lizzie picks up a prescription from a pharmacy a man delivers a stack of cartoons labeled "FLUOXETINE."
"I call this the crack house where I come to score. Dr. Sterling is my dealer. Seems like everyone's doctor is dealing this stuff now. Sometimes it feels like we're all living in a Prozac nation, the United States of depression." (1:26)

Psychotherapy session with Sterling. Lizzie: "I don't know who I am anymore."
"I'm on medication."
"But I can't be this person without taking pills."
Sterling: "The pills are giving you breathing space."
"I recommend that you stay on the medication... Do you want to get off the pills?" (1:26)

Lizzie breaks a glass and tries to cut her wrist, but Sterling walks in on her. She stops.