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Susan Strasberg, Bruce Dern, Dean Stockwell, Jack Nicholson, Adam Roarke, Max Julien, Henry Jaglom, Garry Marshall
Friedrich Nietzsche | David Smith | 4-Methyl-2,5-dimethoxyamphetamine | cocaine | chlorpromazine | Thorazine | lysergic acid diethylamide | methamphetamine | Methedrine | marijuana | secobarbital | Seconal
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Sign in shop window: “Pot on Sale Here.” (0:02)

Poster: “Let’s smoke dope.”
Poster: "STP USERS; DO NOT TAKE THORAZINE, SECONAL OR OTHER DOWNERS FOR  STP BUM TRIPS -David E. Smith M.D." The same poster appears in Revolution. (0:03)

Angry driver: “Dope addicts!” (0:04)

Stoney tells Ben, “It don’t take acid to see that.”
Harry tells Stoney, “Crazy, good.”
Stoney tokes a joint.
Ben: ”The man, could be narcs.”
Harry tokes. (0:06)

Stoney: “You don’t sound so good without acid.”
Elwood places a sugar cube between his teeth. (0:15)

Elwood, Ben and Stoney share a joint.
Ben: “Itchy thought it was real psychedelic, man.”
Stoney: “Pretty good grass.” (0:15)

Ben: “Stoney, Warren’s freaking out at the gallery.” (0:29)

Warren: “I’ve been seeing a couple of things...”
Warren sees the others as grotesque monsters, his hand as mutilated. (0:29)

A man Jenny, “Now Nietzsche says that it’s a very simple thing.” (0:32)

Ben, referring to Elwood: “I guess he was still a little high, Stoney.” (0:43)

Stoney: “David, the acid has curdled and turned you sour.” (0:50)

Funeral service. (0:51)

People share joints. (0:56)

Ben tells Stoney, “I don’t know why you’re so uptight, man.” (0:59)

Another band member asks Stoney, “How about a trip on STP?”
Elwood: “They say it’s LSD, cocaine, and methedrine.”
Ben: “The worst thing about is once you’re up you can’t get down, and chlorpromazine just makes it worse.” (0:59)

Stoney tells Jenny’s brother Steve, “You’re a little high...” (1:04)

Stoney and Dave share a joint. (1:13)

Dave tells Jenny, “There’s enough in here for two trips.”
”I’m getting stoned already.” (1:19)

Dave tells Stoney, referring to Jenny, “She’s on a trip, a long trip.”
”She’s gone to the end of the universe on STP.”
Stoney: “You sick, crazy bastard... she does not know that drug...” (1:21)

People in the street: “Is it drugs or something?”
”Why do some of them jump out of windows.” (1:22)

Jenny hallucinates. (1:23)

When Dave dies, the others grieve. (1:28)